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Usually the name, age, personal details of the person, what they look like of course, reward and what to do if found, like a lost pets ad!

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There wouldn't have been a reward poster because there wasn't a printing press to make one.

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Q: What was the reward listed as in the medieval times wanted poster?
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How do you make a medieval wanted poster?

There was no such thing as a wanted poster during the Middle Ages.

Can you get a The Wanted poster on Moshi Monsters?

No, you can not get "The Wanted" poster on Moshi Monsters. However, you can get a "Strangeglove Wanted Poster" with a code. The code is: volcano

Was there a wanted poster for Frederick Douglass?

I don't think there was a wanted poster of Fredrick Douglass

Was there a wanted poster for Jesse James?

Yes, there was a wanted poster. There was a 10,000 dollar price on his head dead or alive.

How do you do a Ned Kelly wanted poster?

See the related link for an example of a genuine Ned Kelly wanted poster from the 1880s.

How do you say wanted as in a wanted poster?

Se busca or buscado

Who is on the wanted poster in booth's FBI office on the TV show Bones?

The wanted poster in Booths office is of John Dillinger. picture is the one from the poster.

What is the name of a picture of a wanted person?

The usual name is a "wanted poster."

What is the value of original wanted poster of billy the kid?

The value of an original wanted poster of Billy the Kid varies greatly depending on factors such as its condition, rarity, historical significance, and the demand from collectors. These posters can range from a few thousand dollars to well over a million dollars. It is best to consult with an expert or an auction house specializing in historic memorabilia to get an accurate appraisal of a specific poster.

What would be the reward for a WANTED greek goddess?

It would depend on why she was wanted.

What is a wanted poster?

A wanted poster is usually showing a face of a outlaw, robber or escaped crimnal. It is mainly to get help from the public for the police. It was common in the wild west.

What is a 5 letter word that would be a wanted poster word?

"Wanted : Dead or Alive"