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Medieval towns were crowded because serfs wanted more freedom and moved out of the manor land to towns.

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Medieval towns were crowded because serfs wanted more freedom

and moved out of the manor land to towns.

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Q: Why were medieval towns so crowded?
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Why were towns in medieval Europe dangerous places?

Towns in medieval Europe were dangerous places because they were noisy, crowded, and often unsafe. Pickpockets and theives would always be on the lookout for travelers with money in their pockets. Towns didn't have streetlights, so night Watchmen patrolled the streets with candle lanterns to deter (discourage) criminals. -Carol

Where did they had there medieval feast?

in medieval towns

In medieval daily life how were towns independent?

Medieval towns were independent by buying a royal charter.

Were medieval towns clean?

Many medieval towns were clean by their standards, which would have meant uncluttered, without foul odors, and so on. The medieval people did not understand anything about bacteria, viruses, and disease vectors, so in some modern senses, the towns were not clean; for example you could not trust the water.

Why did medieval towns reappear?

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What were medieval towns vehicles?

Some medieval towns transportations were wagons or carriages. Some people just walked.

Who dominated the economic and political life of medieval towns?

Merchant guilds dominated the economic and political life of medieval towns.

Were medieval towns private?


What did the towns look like in medieval time?

Medieval towns looked basically like Villages today do, they had cobbled streets, although they were mostly pounded earth. Most villagers couldn't read so they would have pictures of what a building was on its sign. Medieval towns were very busy and were also quite dirty. So there were probably a number of rats. Traveling plays would sometimes roam through the towns, depicting the christian bible, and the castle of a lord was sometimes visible in the distance.

What has the author Abdul Rehman written?

Abdul Rehman has written: 'Historic towns of Punjab' -- subject(s): Ancient Cities and towns, Antiquities, Cities and towns, Ancient, Cities and towns, Medieval, History, Local, Local History, Medieval Cities and towns

Why did medieval towns developed?

because they just did

What are the names of the towns during the medieval times?

Colchester, Chichester, and Malmsbury were market towns.