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The general term is "mendicant". You may be thinking of the Franciscans, a specific order of mendicants.

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Q: What were the monks who traveled and preached to the poor called in the middle ages?
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What were the painted books called that monks created in the Middle Ages?

Illuminated manuscripts .

Did Monks teach in the school in the middle ages?

Not all monks taught in schools during the Middle Ages as not all monasteries had schools. However, many communities did operate what would be called schools today.

Who were the 2 monks that traveled along the silk road?

Faxian and Xuanzang.

Who is group of men who evangelized and educated during middle ages?


How did the crusades effect the monks in the middle ages?

it actually helped the monks achieve zen

What are the Monks of China called?

Monks aka *(_+#%^

Where did monks and nuns live in the Middle Ages?

In an nunnery. Monks lived in Monerstrys.

What do monks of the middle ages wear?


What are monks of Tibet called?

The monks of Tibet are called Tibetan monks in English. In Tibetan they may be called choden 'religious' or chodak 'Dharma spreader.'

Who made illuminated letters?

by monks in middle ages

What rules did the monks follow in the middle ages?


Were there monks in the middle ages?

There were lots and lots of monks in the Middle Ages. Nuns, too. Roger Bacon was a famous monk of the period, and Hildegard of Bingen was a famous nun.