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The English Longbow is made of English Yew (Yew) and Hickory or Sapwood for the backing.

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English longbow strings were made of high quility linen or hemp.

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Yew was the preferred wood for the English longbow. Ash and elm were also used.

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Q: What wood is the English longbow made of?
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What was the term 'butts' used for with the english longbow in medieval times?

A butt shaft was a blunt-pointed arrow without barbs.

Who invented the longbow?

1st AnswerThe longbow was actually founded and used by the English but it was really invented by the people of Wales. 2nd AnswerThe invention of the longbow is not historic, and dates back to neolithic times. The English longbow, which was developed in Wales, was more powerful than most others, but it was not unique. Another similar bow was used in Africa to hunt elephants. The English longbow was extremely powerful and had a 200 pound pull. It was as powerful as most crossbows, but an archer with a longbow could fire many more arrows in a given time than a crossbowman could.The thing that made the English longbow unusual on the field was not that it was in any way new, but that only English archers could shoot it. The training took years, so English archers had to train constantly, and this meant large numbers of serfs had to be armed constantly. This was something English monarchs felt they could allow, but continental monarchs were not willing to try.But the result of the widespread use and training, was that the English could field an army, quickly and easily, which had weapons capable of cutting right through armor at a very long distance, killing armored knights. English archers were capable of destroying formations of charging knights, killing and wounding large numbers of them, with very little loss of their own. This happened at a number of battles in the Hundred Years' War.

Origin of word wood?

The English word wood comes from the Old English word wudu which comes from the Germanic and Welsh word gwydd. The word gwydd translates to tree.

What were buildings in the 1700s made from?

Wood or brick.

Were ships in the 1600's made of wood?

yes, what other materials were there?:)

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What technology advantige helped the English win many battles in the hundred years war?

The English's weapon selection included the longbow, which could shoot almost precisely had great distances. The French did not have this weapon.

What was robin hood's bow made of?

Yew wood has an elastic quality that was ideal for bows. Yew was traditionally said to be the wood used in Robin Hood's longbow.

How do you straighten a wood longbow?

use force to bend it straight

What does longbow mean from English to Japanese?

if you mean how do you say longbow in Japanese its "yumi" but the meaning doesn't change.

What wood is best to make a Longbow?

white oak ... the bark is sturdy and doesnt snap no matter what!! I have made 3 longbows and 2 with white oak, the other one snapped in a sec!

What was the effective range of an English longbow?

200 Yards

What does an English longbow man do?

He shoots with bow and arrow,

How did the longbow help the English in agincourt battle?

The longbow could reach far out and also penetrate armour of those days and kill horses. Cavalry was feared by common soldiers and the longbow was their protection .

Did the Incas have longbows?

No. The longbow was developed by the English in the 1200's.

What is a yew bow used for?

The English longbow is a powerful medieval type of longbow about 6 ft (1.8 m) long used by the English and Welsh for hunting and as a weapon in medieval warfare.

DID the Welsh invent the longbow?

Presumably. I have read that the Welsh had them in their unsuccessful attempt to remain independent from England, and they made such an impact that they were adopted into the English Army.

What is a longbowman?

A longbow is a type of bow made from a single natural piece of wood that is roughly equal to the height of a person who uses it. The English used massed longbows to great effect during the Hundred Years' War, against the French, particularly at the start of the war in the battles of Crecy (1346) and Poitiers (1356), and most famously at the Battle of Agincourt (1415). An archers trained in using the longbow is called a longbowman.