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1st AnswerIf male what amounted to as dress suit fit for clerical and office operations ( as we now would say) in the palace, fort, whatever. Page was an indoor job. The Girl Pages may have worn armor if in the field- as aides-de-camp but did not in any circumstances carry weaponry. The indoor pages were something like the modern security guards- but always indoor- and also had a secretarial role as the word Page ( like in a book) implies. the French title Paige is in the female gender. Almost certainly Joan of Arc had several Girl Pages- there"s an idea for a movie or TV show- forget Batman and Robin! The older Girl Pages were used for Diplomatic couriers. 2nd AnswerToo bad the first answer is not documented with references - I would love to see where it came from.

My understanding is that pages were strictly, or almost strictly male. I say almost strictly because there were orders of knighthood that were open to women as knights, but I do not know whether they had pages.

A page was a young man training to be a knight. Usually, a page began his training at about age seven and continued for seven years before becomming a squire. After an additional seven years, he could become a knight. They boys who went through this were from noble families or the cadet branches of noble families, so they would usually have had good clothes, and it makes sense that the knights to whom they were apprenticed would want them to be presentable and identifiable, so it would make sense that they would have worn the livery of a knight. Aside from that, the pages existed in the High and Late Middle Ages, at a time when fashions, at first rather stagnant, came to change rapidly, and we can only assume the pages' clothing would have changed along with that of the knights (I have found little information on the pages themselves).

There is a link below to an article on the history of western fashion below. It has links to fashion by century.

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A page was a young noble boy who was in service to become a knight. The page was on stage in that process. It began at 7 or 8 years old and continued until he was 21 years old to full knighthood. All knights were nobles and it took a very rich man to maintain the equipment, horses, and armour of a knight.

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Q: What would a Page wear in the Middle Ages?
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