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King Henry II of England created traveling court judges with the issue of a declaration, called the Assize of Clarendon. The declaration ordered the judges to travel a pre-set route to hear cases, instead of bringing the cases to London. The system lasted in England until 1971.

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Q: When did Henry II of England create traveling circuit judges?
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Sailor moon

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twelve tables maybe?? not sure... Actually, it is the Praetors. Twelve tables was the Roman law code. But remember, the praetors had only limited authority in legal matters. If a case pertained to the wealthy and was a serious offense it would be tried by the senate. Offenses such as those involving large sums of money or property, forgery or treason were always tried before the senate. Cicero, Caesar and Tiberius all either prosecuted or defended people before the senate.

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Praetors were Roman officials who were second only to the Counsuls. Their main function was to oversee Roman justice, as a modern judge does. They could also command an army and were in charge of the city when the Counsuls were absent. When their term of office was finished, ex-praetors were often given important provincial positions.

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I'm also studying this in school, i do not have much information but ill give you the information i have, hope this helps in the north they had a religion which was Islam, where as in the south they had no religion in the north it was all Sahara deserts, where as in the south it was all a rain forest and had a lot of rainfall. in the south they had villages with wooden thatches, in the north they had towns like Timbuktu made from mud bricks it was usually single houses, they had bigger kingdoms, they had their own governors and there was judges and tax collectors. in the north they had a low rainfall so it made crops difficult to grow, but they had food such as yams and corn, where as in the south it was a hot climate but still had a high rainfall hope that helped?

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(Note: If you have a truly valid addition, add it, but do not change or subtract the current answer.)There are three basic types of law:Civil Law - that which relies on a codification of law in writing rather than judicial precedentCommon Law - that which relies on precedents of previous decisions of judges based on historic customs.Criminal Law - that which operates on legislated prohibitions of certain conduct.Originally Roman law was unwritten, which gave the aristocracy, the custodians of it, a decisive edge which, allied to their being also custodians of the state religion, gave them enormous power to control the populace. Agitation led to a codification called the Twelve Tables. This was followed over the centuries by codifications of additional laws by eminent jurists, essentially the process of conversion from customary (Common) law to civil law. The process was virtually completed by the 4th Century CE.Today's Civil Law rests on the Roman precedents with later developments over 1,500 years, just as the the Roman Civil Law developed over a thousand years.

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How long is the term for a associate judge in Illinois?

Supreme Court: 10 Years Appellate Court: 10 Years Circuit Court: (A) Circuit Judges: 6 years; (B) Associate Judges: 4 years

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