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App - Meaning Software Application

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Q: Which of these is a neologism created as a result of the information age?
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When was Information Age Publishing created?

Information Age Publishing was created in 1999.

What is a new word or phrase called?

A neologism or a neology . The answer to the "Age" cross word on Sat Feb 2 is "neology"

How boole contribute to the creation of the internet and the information age?

Boole contributed to the creation of the internet and the information age by contributing the ability to combine or limit search terms. He added/created the words like AND,OR and NOT

When was Age to Age created?

Age to Age was created in 1982.

When was To Age or Not to Age created?

To Age or Not to Age was created on 2010-07-16.

What is important the industrial revolution or the information age?

information age?

When was An Age created?

An Age was created in 1967.

When was The Age created?

The Age was created in 1854.

Are the Great Lakes man made?

No: They were created as a result of the ice age when the earth was much, much colder than it is now.... Millions of years ago.

What does the statement silicon supports the next revolution the information age mean?

Silicon is an element that is used in making semiconductors which are essential to electronic equipment such as computers. The use of computers in recent decades has been revolutionary and has created an information age, in the sense that information can now be processed in many ways that were not previously possible. Even the fact that I am answering this question by means of a web-site is characteristic of the information age.

When was The Age of Consent created?

The Age of Consent was created in 1984.

When was Age of the Sun created?

Age of the Sun was created in 2002.