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revival of trade and commerce

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Q: Which was most responsible for bringing about the decline of feudalism in Western Europe?
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What happened to western Europe after the decline of the Roman Empire?

After the fall/decline of the Roman empire western Europe went through a period of time known as the Dark Ages. This was a period of decline due to changing political circumstances when education and inventiveness were almost nonexistent and literacy was limited to the clergy and the very rich.

What factors to the decline of Middle Ages?

Factors that led to the decline of the middle ages are all due to the Crusades (that counts as one!) Medieval Europe's expansion view of the world Spices and clothes from Asia due to trade The decline of Feudalism due to the noble class no longer existing The economy became better due to all of these. The best way to describe it is that the Crusades led to the decline. :)

A major effect of the decline of the roman empire was that western Europe?

entered a period of chaos and disorder

What was the direct result of the decline of education in western Europe during the middle ages?

The fall of the Roman empire

What was the decline and fall of the roman empire?

The term decline and fall of the empire is used because the empire begun to decline centuries before the actual fall of the western part of the empire. There was a decline in the economy of the empire with a big reduction in the volume of trade and the collapse of the urban economy. There was also a decline in the ability of the empire to defend itself from attacks from outside. The fall of the Western Roman Empire (the western part of the empire) was quite quick and occurred as a result of the Germanic invasions. These Germanic peoples took over most of the lands of the west. The eastern Roman Empire (the eastern part of the empire) was not affected by these invasions and continued to exist for another 1,000 years.

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What was most responsible for bring about the decline of feudalism in western Europe?

revival of trade and commerce

How did the crusades contribute to the decline of feudalism?

The Crusades caused many nobles and knights to leave their land which caused feudalism to decline. Because of the decline in feudalism, many kings took the opprotunity to come to power and create a kingdom.

What were the key factors that led to the decline of feudalism?

3 factors that led to the end of feudalism was the bubonic plague, the hundreds' years war, and the magna carta

What caused feudalism to decline?

The loss of serfs on the manor.

What lead to the decline of feudalism in England?

The growth of trade

Why did feudalism decline in Europe in 1215?

1215 was the year of the Magna Carta. This was a document that limited the powers of the monarch of England, which therefore was a decline in feudalism in that specific area.

Decline of feudalism?

feudalism broke because of revolts from people. Black death cause people to revolt against and it broke Feudalism.

Who lost power as a result of the rise of Townes in decline of feudalism?


What are the reasons of the decline of feudalism?

black death (plague) and crusades

What contributed to the decline of feudalism?

Bubonic Plague (black death)

Was Feudalism declined in the late Middle Ages?

No, feudalism flourished between 900 and 1500, but then started to decline at a steady pace.

How did the commercial revolution contribute to the decline of feudalism and manorialism?

because walrus

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