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Most peasants worked for feudal lords of one sort or another, who owned the manors the peasants worked on.

Some peasants worked on property that belonged to the Church. They worked for the churches, abbeys, monasteries, or other Church organizations that owned the land.

Some peasants owned their own small farms and worked for themselves.

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Q: Who did peasants work for?
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What duties did peasants have to the pharaoh?

peasants were to work the land for the king.

Did the Queens in the Medieval ages do work like peasants did?

Never. That is what peasants were for.

How were the lives of male and peasants different?

the male peasants had to do more work than the female because the had to do other work

Who did middle age peasants work for?

Peasants worked for knights, who worked for lords.

Why were peasants important?

Most of the people are or were peasants. Peasants do the work, maintain the population, fight the wars and keep the economy running.

What did the peasants do?

The main job of the peasants was work the land of the lord and serve as his soldiers in time of war.

What kinds of work did peasants do on the manor?

The peasants had to get food, farm, and support the Lord / Noble by paying taxes.

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In what way(s) did the Hongwu Emperor work to improve the lives of Chinese peasants?

How did peasants support there family?

they farmed and did work for their lord

How long did the medieval peasants work for?

Their entire lives.