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Apollodorus was a common name in ancient Greece and we know about several historical figures whose name was Apollodorus.

Some of them were philosophers and Rhetoricians and scholars. Apollodorus of Phaleron (5th century BC) was a disciple of the philosopher Socrates. Apollodorus of Seleucia was a Stoic philosopher of the 2nd century BC. Apollodorus the Epicurean (2nd century BC) was the head of the Epicurean school of philosophy in Athens. Apollodorus of Athens (c. 180- c. 120 BC) was a historian and grammarian. Apollodorus of Artemita (c. 130-87 BC) wrote a history of the Parthian Empire. Pseudo-Apollodorus (2nd century BC) was the author of the Bibliotheca, acompendium of Greek myths and heroic legends. Apollodorus of Pergamon was one of the two most prominent teachers of rhetoric in the 1st century BC.

Apollodorus of Gela (342-290) was a writer of comedies and Apollodorus of Carystus wrote comedies in the New Comedy Style of the 3rc century BC.

Apollodorus Skiagraphos (5th century BC) was an important painter who introduced great improvements in perspective and chiaroscuro. Apollodorus of Damascus was a 2nd century Ad architect.

Apollodorus of Amphipolis was a Macedonian general. Apollodorus the Sicilian was a member of the court of Cleopatra VII, the queen of Egypt.

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Q: Who is apollodorus?
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What does mi apollodorus mean?

'My Apollodorus.'

What did apollodorus do?

apollodorus was a greek scholar and grammarian.

Did Cleopatra have a secret love named Apollodorus?

No. Apollodorus lived approximately 100 years before Cleopatra. By the time of Cleopatra, Apollodorus was a very common name and she could very possibly have had a slave by that name, but as far as we know, she had no lover by that name.

Who was Apollodorus of Damascus?

Apollodorus of Damascus was Emperor Trajan's architect. He is given credit for the Baths of Trajan and the Forum of Trajan, among other buildings.

Who designed the Markets of Trajan?

Apollodorus of Damascus:)

What year was Apollodorus of damascus born?

The architect born in Damascus between 60 and 70 AD.Source- Apollodorus of Damascus and Trajan's Column: from tradition to project By Giuliana Calcani, Maamoun

Who designed the pantheon?

The original Pantheon in Rome was designed by the Roman architect Apollodorus of Damascus under the rule of Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD. The building is renowned for its striking dome and innovative design.

How did apollodorus of damascus influence life in their time?

Apollodorus of Damascus was a renowned Greek architect and engineer who designed various structures, most notably Trajan's Forum and Trajan's Bridge in ancient Rome. His work in architecture and engineering helped shape Roman construction techniques and architectural styles, influencing the development of public infrastructure in his time. Apollodorus' innovative designs and engineering skills left a lasting impact on the built environment of ancient Rome.

How was Cleopatra smuggled into Caesar's palace?

A merchant named Apollodorus rolled her into a carpet and gave the carpet to Ceaser.

Who built the pantheon and why?

The architect of the Pantheon in Rome was Apollodorus of Damascus. It was a temple commissioned by Marcus Agrippa in honor of Emperor Augustus.

What has the author W E J Kuiper written?

W. E. J. . Kuiper has written: 'Two comedies of Apollodorus of Carystus'

What points are Plato and apollodorus trying to make about Socrates?

Plato and Apollodorus portray Socrates as a principled philosopher who values pursuing truth and wisdom through dialogue and inquiry. They emphasize Socrates' commitment to self-examination, moral integrity, and intellectual humility, highlighting his role as a thought-provoking figure who challenges conventional beliefs and encourages critical thinking.