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We really cannot know the answer to this question, because too much of history has been lost. Legal codes appeared regularly in ancient times, with the oldest we have dating to about four thousand years ago. We have many other legal codes from ancient times. In fact, we have many from Rome alone.

During the Middle ages, emerging Germanic nations produced an abundance of legal codes. The link below to an article on Early Germanic Law lists about a dozen, with the earliest, the Code of Euric, dating to about 480 AD. This was only about four years after the most commonly used date for the fall of the West Roman Empire. An important and enduring legal code of the East Roman Empire, the Code of Justinian, appeared in the first decades of the Middle Ages.

There are doubtless many legal codes that have been lost. Quite possibly there are many more than have survived.

There are links below to articles on legal codes.

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Q: Who was the first leader to codify his laws?
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It is the example on how we have to codify laws since it is the first one known made in history.

Why wasn't Hammurabi a good king?

Yes he was. He was the first person in history to codify a set of laws just for the rich the poor and the slave.

What is important of the code of Hammurabi?

It was the first attempt by a ruler to codify or arrange and set down in writing all the laws that would govern state.

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The Hammurabi code is the first known codified set of laws in existence. It gave us an example of how to codify laws. Remeber that the death penalty was highly enforced in ancient times.

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It was the first document to codify the Roman law.

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This sounds like a homework question... cheater. Just kidding. But anyway. One way Hammurabi changed history is by being the first person to codify laws, which basically means the first to actually write down laws. He had scribes carve all the laws he had known onto large tablets, which became known as Hammurabi's Code. I cannot think of another one at the moment.