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Poop sickles

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Q: Why did Louis fail in his attempt to expand the french empire?
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Why did Louis XIV attempt to expand the french empire?


Why did Louis fail in his attempts to expand the empire?

Poop sickles

What did Louis IV want to achieve in the late 1600's?

He hoped to expand French power in Europe and the New World.

Why did Louis xiv go to war?

Louis XIV went to war to gain territory, expand his empire and win glory. Louis XIV believed that the only way to obtain glory was through conquest.

Who did marquette and joliet sail for?

According to Historians, the French King Louis XIV commissioned James Marquette and Louis Joliet to explore the American continent for expanding the French empire.

What was the main accomplishment of the French Empire?

Napoleon im guessing? Louis XIV? what time period

What does Louis xvi attempt to do?

This one time he attempted to stop French radicalists (Bourgeoisie) from killing him, his wife, and his son. He failed.

What was the government after Napoleon?

he used an Absolute Monarchy where the king queen or emperor has full control over the country

Who was the french monarch who determined to build an empire in America?

Louis XIV, a.k.a. "Le Roi du soleil", the sun king.

Who was Louis Bonaparte?

only President(1848-52) of the French Second Republic and, as Napoleon III, the Emperor (1852-70) of the Second French Empire. He was the nephew and heir of Napoleon I.

Why was New France founded?

By the 1660's the french fur trade was nearly destroyed,and the FRench hold in North America was crumbling.hoping to rebuild the French empire in North America,King Louis XIV or Louis the 14 made a new France a royal colony. By:HelloKitty951

Is Louis vuitton French?

Louis vuitton is a french luxury brand