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According to Historians, the French King Louis XIV commissioned James Marquette and Louis Joliet to explore the American continent for expanding the French empire.

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Q: Who did marquette and joliet sail for?
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What country did Joliet and Marquette explore the Mississippi River for?

Joliet and Marquette explored for the King of France.

What river did Marquette and Joliet sail down?

Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet mainly sailed down the Missipi River, starting in Lake Michigan and continuing until they reached Arkansas. On their trip back to Canada, they sailed the Illinois River.

Marquette and JOliet followed the Mississippi river as far south as which tributary?

Marquette and Joliet followed the Mississippi river south to the Arkansas river. Marquette and Joliet made their exploration trip in 1673.

Marquette and Joliet are from where?

Marquette and Joliet were from France I think. They then moved to Canada and lived in Quebec... Marquette or Joliet (forgot which one) was a priest or something like that. Joliet or Marquette was an explorer. They meet each other and then became traders. They traded glass beads for fur from the Indians. That is pretty much all I know about them.

What did marquette explore for?

Marquette explored for a governer and he went with Louis Joliet.

Who were Marquette and Joliet?

they were famous explorers

How did Joliet feel about Marquette?

Joliet thought Marquette lacked tact and cleanliness. In the canoe, he often sat as far away from Marquette, as possible. He had hopes that one day a mall would be named after him, because Joiet felt he had way more fashion sense than Marquette. Low and behold, there is a Louis Joliet Mall in Joliet, Illinois, today!!

Can I have a time line of Marquette and Joliet?


What did marquette and joliet find?

mississippi river

What did Marquette and Joliet find their expedition?


What year was Illinois was discovered?

In 1673 Marquette and Joliet's expedition began and Illinois was discovered.

French fur trader who went with marquette?