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they found the Mississippi river for there country

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Q: What did Marquette and Joliet find on their expedition?
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What did Marquette and Joliet find their expedition?


What year was Illinois was discovered?

In 1673 Marquette and Joliet's expedition began and Illinois was discovered.

What did marquette and joliet find?

mississippi river

Was Joliet and Marquette were french explorers?

Yes, Joliet and Marquette were French explorers. They are best known for their expedition in 1673 where they explored the Mississippi River, becoming the first Europeans to map and explore the region.

What country did Joliet and Marquette explore the Mississippi River for?

Joliet and Marquette explored for the King of France.

Marquette and JOliet followed the Mississippi river as far south as which tributary?

Marquette and Joliet followed the Mississippi river south to the Arkansas river. Marquette and Joliet made their exploration trip in 1673.

Marquette and Joliet are from where?

Marquette and Joliet were from France I think. They then moved to Canada and lived in Quebec... Marquette or Joliet (forgot which one) was a priest or something like that. Joliet or Marquette was an explorer. They meet each other and then became traders. They traded glass beads for fur from the Indians. That is pretty much all I know about them.

Who were Marquette and Jolliet?

French explorers who led the first French expedition down the Mississippi River.

What did Jacques marquette and Louis joliet hope to find?

Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet hoped to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean while exploring the Mississippi River in the 17th century. They were searching for a quicker trade route to Asia.

What did marquette explore for?

Marquette explored for a governer and he went with Louis Joliet.

Who were Marquette and Joliet?

they were famous explorers

What year did Joliet and Marquette explore the Upper Mississippi?

In 1672 Father Jaques Marquette and Louis Joillet (Joliet) were named as leaders of an expedition to explore the Northern part of the great Mississippi River. In the following year 1673 they set off. All of their findings were mapped and documented by the two.