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It was to expensive to restore the old Roman Empire

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Q: Why did byzantine emperors abandon their dream of restoring the old roman empire?
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What is the list of emperors of the byzantine empire?


Which emperors actions led to the beginning of the byzantine empire?


Who restored power and glory to the Byzantine Empire?

The Emperors Justinian and Basil II

How frequently did leaders change in the byzantine empire?

It varied. The Byzantine emperors reigned for life. Some of the emperors reigned for along time, while others died shorty after their accession to power. The length of the reign of emperors also depended on the political stability of he empire. The empire went thought periods of instability which was usurper emperors and/or civil wars. In such periods power changed hands quickly.

Which statement accurately compares the Byzantine emperors Justinian I and Basil I?

Both emperors improved the Byzantine legal system by organizing laws more clearly.

A strong emperor of the byzantine empire?

Justinian I, Leo III, John I Tzimisces, Basil II, Manuel I

What are some characteristics of the byzantine empire?

They were very strong & had some good emperors. They are the continuation of Rome.

What laws did Justinian make?

Well considering that he was the Byzantine emperor (the eastern Roman Empire was called the Byzantine Empire and did not fall when the western one did), I'd say many. He actually was more like Roman emperors then his Byzantine predecessors and attempted to restore the old borders of the empire.

What happened when a emperor died in Byzantine?

The successors were usually the sons of the emperors or a memeber of the his family and this empire had a number of dynsaties

Which statement accurately compares the Byzantine emperors Justinian I and Basil Il?

Both emperors expanded the boundaries of the empire by conquering regions along the Mediterranean Sea. -Apex- :)

What was one of the differences between the east and the west emperors byzantine empire?

what was one of the major differences between the powers of the emperors in the east and the west

What impact did the Macedonians have on byzantine?

The Macedonian Emperors had great effect by, they expanded trade, renewed, prosperity, and restored the empire's power.