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Feudalism came to dominate political & social life in Western Europe because by the 8th and 9th centuries, central governments, such as the Carolingian Empire could not effectively defend their people from invasions by Norsemen, Magyars, Slavs and Moslems.

In addition, weak central governments failed to prevent internal civil wars among various nobles & princes. Nor could they defend their peoples against bandits and others. As a result of this turbulence and insecurity, people turned to local nobles for protection. Kings turned over large tracts of lands to local feudal leaders in return for a pledge of military assistance when needed.

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Europe became a feudal society so as to protect the people in the high classes. It is believed that it was promoted by the church as it allocated land to the nobles.

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Q: Why did europe become a feudal society?
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What lasting legacy did feudal society leave in Europe and japan?


During the feudal period in Europe. power and position in society were based on?

the amount of land possessed

Did Charlemagne bring feudalism to Europe?

Charlemagne did not bring feudalism to Europe. He did bring a series of changes that improved feudal society at this time.

How did feudal society in the Middle Ages effect trade between Europe and the other countries in Asia?


Who was at the bottom of the feudal society?

Peasants were at the bottom level of feudal society.

How is feudal Japanese society structured?

how is feudal japanese society structured

What did William the conquer tnroduce to Europe?

The Feudal system which was brought into England as a way for conroling and organising society, land use and the order in which people were in society.

Who was at the bottom level of feudal society?

Peasants were at the bottom level of feudal society.

Was feudal society religious?

For the most part, the people of feudal society were very religious.

Which best describes feudal society?

In a feudal society, serfs had to pay lords with crops

Who controlled the feudal society in the middle ages?

the kin g would controll the feudal society

What was the chivalric code and how did it manifest itself in feudal society?

The chivalric code was a code in Feudal society that nobles adhered to. The chivalric code was essential in Feudal society because it made the feudal contract meaning. Part of the code was being honest and breaking a feudal oath was unacceptable socially.