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Extracts from stinging nettles were used for medicinal purposes.

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Q: Why did the Romans bring stinging nettles to Britain?
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What actions did cicero ask Romans to take?

return power to the senate and bring order back to rome

What did the Romans build to bring fresh water to their cities?

The Romans used something called an aqueduct to bring in water from lakes to their city. Aqueducts are tubes that go through mountains are elevated above valleys with a very slight angle downward then entire time. The downward slope ensures that the water will flow without the need for any sort of pump.

What did Romans do with land they conquered?

They took over the lands first and stayed focused on the land with there armies. Also at the same time kept there lands under control and there lands were still defended.

What animals did the Romans bring to Britain?

The Romans introduced new vegetables: asparagus, cabbages, carrots, celery, garlic, leeks, onions, peas, radishes, turnips, shallots. They introduced many herbs, such as bay, basil, rosemary, thyme and savoury mint and herbs that were used in brewing and for medicinal purposes. They brought new and more productive grains and bread became important in the British diet. The Romans also introduced new breeds of farm animals and game: white cattle, brown hare, chickens, guinea fowl, pheasants, and rabbits were probably introduced as farmyard animals. The fruit they introduced included apples (as opposed to crab apples), grapes, cherries, mulberries and pears. Walnuts and sweet chestnuts were also introduced.

Cause of death Titus?

The death of Titus, as the death or ailments of so many other ancient Romans is unclear as to a modern cause. The ancient writer Seutonius says that he collapsed with a high fever. Ice baths failed to bring it down and he died at the age of forty-one.

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What did the Romans bring when they invaded Britain?

Architecture to a degree. By the times the Romans came to Britain they were just about on the out, so not as much remained as it could have.

How did the romans bring clean water to britain?

Through their aqueducts.

Why did the Romans bring to Britain?

They gave us Some months and Some planets.

What language did the Romans bring into Britain?


Did the Romans bring any other language into Britain?

Yes and it was their own Latin language that they spoke and wrote in.

What did Romans bring to England?

The Romans brung apples, underfloor heating, peas, chickens, rabbits & wine. They also brought the knowledge to grow grapes and make wine out of them.The Romans brought civilization and all its benefits to Britain.

What entertainment did the Romans bring to Britain?

The Romans definitely brought gladiatorial combat and chariot racing to Britain. Any other entertainment activity that could be held in an amphitheater was also introduced, judging by the number of arenas being discovered in G.B. today. You can be assured that in around 400 years of occupation, the Romans also brought their theater troops and various games.

What 3 new inventions did the Romans bring to Britain?

The romans brought many inventions to britain but here the ones we might use in our daily routine. Roads, surely you must have all walked, run, skip or anytype of movement on a road. To people who are cat lovers, the Romans brought cats to britain. To people who love wine and grapes, the romans also brought this bothe wine made of grape and the actual grape. Language, after all they did invent latin. Newspaper, where do you think we got the daily mail from?

Did the Romans bring Christianity to Greece?


What good things did the Romans bring to Britain?

Some of the good things that the Romans brought to Britain were permanent housing, indoor plumbing, central heating, good roads and bridges and the uniting of various warring factions into stable communities. As a result of these civilizing effects, the British trade industry grew and the province became relatively prosperous.

Why did the ancient Romans bring the language latin to Britain?

Roman works of literature are written in Latin because it was the official language of the Roman republic (later the Roman Empire). However, there probably was a difference between the formal Latin used in literature and the language spoke by the Romans.

Did Romans bring rabbits to England?

No Normans did