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Its because if there were no strict rules there would be no order in the guild. Causeing distress and will affect the wellfare of the group

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Q: Why do you think in guilds their are strict rules?
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Examples of craft guilds in medieval Europe?

Among the oldest guilds were those for stone masons and glass makers. But there were guilds of all sorts, and in guild oriented cities, many or most jobs were involved in the guild structure. There were carpenters' guilds and bakers' guilds and cobblers' guilds. There were even guilds that were entirely female, such as the silk guilds of Paris and Cologne. In time, there were also merchant guilds, in addition to craft guilds. Please use the link below for more information.

What are some examples of craftguilds in medieval Europe?

There were many guilds. They were divided into two main types, guilds for craftsmen and guilds for merchants. Each of these types had many different kinds of guilds within it. Examples of crafts guilds included stone masons, carpenters, wax candle makers, brewers, soap makers, and fine shoe makers. Industries such as textiles sometimes had many guilds associated with them, each for a different kind of operation. Wool weavers would have one guild, and another would be for makers of linen or silk, and tailors had their own guilds separately. Guilds were often affiliated with each other, and this included trade guilds and merchant guilds both. In some places, the town or city governments were run by guilds, and such cities built alliances of their own.

What type of roman guilds are there?

The ancient Romans had a guild for just about everything, from funeral guilds to musician's guilds. Any occupation could have a guild or union as we would call them today. The guilds set guidelines for wages and some of them were politically important.

Were medieval universities guilds that produced educated individuals?

Universities were not called guilds, but they functioned very much as guilds did. The undergraduate education in the universities was very like the journeyman stage of becoming a guild member, and the post graduate work leading to the master's degree was very like the production of a master work for the guilds. The structure of the university was quite possibly modeled on crafts guilds. Some guilds even had a higher level of membership than master, which was analogous to a doctorate.

What are some examples of craft guilds in Medieval Europe?

Some examples of guilds craft's is shoe making. Chaosleon321

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Who did craft guilds set rules for?

The guilds were associations of skilled workers who established rules within their individual crafts.

Why do think monks followed such strict rules?

Because the rules were intended to help them live as good Christians

Why do you think monks followed strict rules?

Because the rules were intended to help them live as good Christians

What were basic rules in a medieval town?

Merchant Guilds

Why do you think monks followed such stricts rules?

Because the rules were intended to help them live as good Christians

How would you use strict construction in a sentence?

You might think that these strict construction safety rules are unnecessary, but lives have been lost performing this task.

Why do you think monks followed such strict?

Because the rules were intended to help them live as good Christians

Why did monks follow strict rules?

Monks followed strict rules because the rules were intended to help them live as good Christians.

What is GPA in city and guilds- London insitute?

no gpa system in city and guilds,it only gives the standard of professional engineer,its a alternative way to obtain the academic requirments to become a professional registered engineer,but city and guilds is a good qualification,world recognized,the exams of city and guilds are very strict and honest,

Why did strict cast rules develop?

As the rules of interaction between varnas got stricter, the Aryan social order became more complex

In what ways did guilds ensure that trade and merchandising was ethical and moral?

Guilds ensured ethical and moral trade by establishing strict rules and regulations for their members, such as setting prices, quality standards, and prohibiting deceptive practices. Members were expected to abide by a code of conduct that emphasized honesty, fairness, and integrity in their business dealings. Guilds also provided a system for resolving disputes between members to maintain trust and uphold ethical standards within the guild.

Why do you think that SSADM is highly structured?

Because of the strict guidelines and rules that it follows at all times throughout all of the stages.