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People aren't able to think for themselves and they are basically being brainwashed into living. People can't learn from not thinking for themselves and reading. Since either of those things are allowed in this society, Granger refers to this time as the dark age.


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Q: Why does Granger refer to this time as the Dark Ages in fahrenheit 451?
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What was Thessaly called in the dark ages?

Thessaly was known as Hellas in the Medieval period when it was ruled by the Byzantine Empire. Historian do not like to refer to it as the dark ages, because it implies the whole world was in turmoil.

Is there a better name for the Dark Ages?

It is probably better to refer to the Dark Ages as the Early Middle Ages, if the time intended is 476 to 1000 AD. Otherwise, it is better to refer to the time as the Middle Ages, or part of the Middle Ages. The term dark ages is based on the idea that this was a time of ignorance and lack of intellectual development, which is not the case. The decline in intellectual activity began in the second or third century, and was largely complete by the year 476. During the so-called Dark Ages, there was a slow growth in learning. Schools were being opened during the entire period, architecture was developing, things were being invented, at least one encyclopedia was written, and commerce was slowly improving.

Who invented the dark ages?

Who was the leader of the dark ages

Who labeled the Renaissance as dark ages?

The Renaissance was not labeled the "dark ages". Renaissance means "rebrith" and it came AFTER the "dark ages or the middle ages."

What is a another name for the Middle Ages?

Dark Ages and\or Medieval Ages

What was after the dark ages?

What came after the Dark Ages was the Carolingian Renaissance, the High Middle Ages, or the European Renaissance, depending on your point of view. It seems most who use the term date it from about 450 to 1000 AD. Some give precise dates in 476 to 1066 AD. I have seen the term Dark Ages used to refer to the Age of Migrations, about 300 AD to 700 AD. There was a collapse in learning in the Roman Empire during the time of about 230 AD, and the Carolingian Renaissance began shortly after 700 AD, so this might be a better time to call the Dark Ages. Some historians call the Dark Ages equal to the Middle Ages, but the people of the Middle Ages used the term to refer to an earlier time in the Middle Ages. Also, the period of the Middle Ages after about 700 AD included several times of advanced intellectual activity, so this usage seems wrong in some ways.

Rome before the dark ages vs during the dark ages?

Before. Rome fell in 410 AD which started the "dark ages"

What was the age known before the dark ages?

the age before the dark ages is the high middle ages

What are five chararistics of the dark ages?

dark ages, middle ages, medieval, feudal, age of faith.

Did the greek dark ages begin in 1150?

The Greek Dark Ages began in about the year 1200 BC. There is no exact year for their beginning. Clearly, the Greek Dark Ages and the Dark Ages were not the same thing, and they were not really related, as the Dark Ages began in the middle of the 5th century AD.

Is dark ages capitalized?

yes, you mainly see the Dark Ages capitalized

What was the period of art and learning that began in the 1300s?

dark ages The Rennaisance is what you are talking about, as the dark ages was around 800-1000. == ==