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CAUSE IT IS! dis website wont tell me the answer, so u wont no it as well ! haha losers

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Screw 👆
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Cos it is

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Q: Why is a triangle the best shape to show the feudal system?
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How did the crusades affect the feudal systems?

The crusades could not fail to affect in many ways the life of western Europe. For instance, they helped to undermine feudalism. Thousands of barons and knights mortgaged or sold their lands in order to raise money for a crusading expedition. Thousands more perished in Syria and their estates, through failure of heirs, reverted to the crown. Moreover, private warfare, that curse of the Middle Ages, [20] also tended to die out with the departure for the Holy Land of so many turbulent feudal lords. Their decline in both numbers and influence, and the corresponding growth of the royal authority, may best be traced in the changes that came about in France, the original home of the crusading movement.It also influnced the fuedal system because the nobels sold land and bought land.

Who invented the english calendar?

Properly speaking, there is no "English" calendar system. You probably mean the predominant Western Calendar (also called the Christian Calendar). This calendar system is best called the "Gregorian Calendar", after Pope Gregory XIII who introduced the calendar system in 1582.

Which of the following best describes serfs?

Serfs are often described as unfree. More accurately, because that term is usually misunderstood, they might best be called peasants who were bound to the land they lived on but did not own. The problem with the term unfree, is that most people think it means slave, which it was not. Serfs did not have a right to move away from the land they lived on, but unlike slaves they could not be bought or sold, and unlike slaves, they had a right to live and work on the land. They owed the lord rent, usually in the form of labor or a part of the crop, but they had a right to expect the lord to protect them. There is a link to an article on serfs below.

Which year was the best?

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What does Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius mean?

As far as I can tell Ars is Art, Tribunus is Tribune and Angusticlavius is narrow stripe. In Roman society Tribunus Angusticlavius was a Tribune who wore a uniform/toga with a narrow purple stripe on the edge denoting his rank. The Technology forum Ars Technica used to use, and is reintroducing, a ranking system based on the Roman system. Thus an Ars Technica forum member with a sufficient ranking would be Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius. That's to the best of my knowledge.

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Who did best from the feudal system?

It was a winner for the Nobles.

That the feudal system was the best way to provide protection for people?


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