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During the early middle ages, 500 - 1000AD, Europe was a frontier land as it was sparsely populated and undeveloped. ;P

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Q: Why was Western Europe a frontier land during the early middle ages?
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The strongest invaders to attack western Europe during the Middle Ages were the .?


What was the common link for people in western Europe during the middle ages?

Most people of Western Europe, for most of the Middle Ages, were linked by a belief in Christianity, in the communion of the Catholic Church.

Which was not an advance made during Western Europe in the Early Middle Ages?

Steam power

During the middle ages the largest and most powerful religion is western Europe was the?

Roman Catholic

How compared to the cities of Western europe constantinople during the early middle ages?

hell yeah

What did Japan have in common with Western European during the Middle Ages?

Japan and Western Europe Had Your Mom In Common During The Middle Ages... If You Would Like The Real Answer, Please... Try To Use Google. Hope I Helped.!

Which group of barbarians threatened western Europe from the north during the early middle ages?

Of course the Vikings

What was the direct result of the decline of education in western Europe during the middle ages?

The fall of the Roman empire

Compared to the cities of western Europe constantinpole during the early middle ages?

enjoyed greater prosperity

Where did neanderthals settle?

Neanderthals primarily settled in Europe and parts of western Asia during the Middle Paleolithic period. They inhabited a range of environments, from open grasslands to dense forests, and adapted their lifestyles to survive in these varied landscapes.

What was the most powerful force in western Europe during the middle ages?

the united kingdom and states of great britain

What regions of Europe experianced out migration?

middle east and western Europe