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The fall of the Roman Empire

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Q: What was the direct result of the decline of education in western Europe during the middle ages?
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Western European nations sent explorers in search of a northwest passage to find what?

they wanted to find a direct water route to north america

Why did the roman empire expand?

Once they had conquered villages and other cities, they had to deal with the war slaves and had to give them jobs. Because they had to give the slaves jobs, that took away jobs for the native Romans. Also, once a military ruler had conquered large areas of land, they kept wanting to expand and conquer. They became very power hungry and blood thirsty. Thus creating emperors and dictators. This is how you spell Romains, wait no, Romans: R-O-M-A-N-S

What was seen as a direct descendant of the roman empire?

Its leaders saw themselves as roman emperors, and theirand their government was in many ways a direct continuation of the eastern portion of the late roman empire

How the systems of government in sparta and anathens influenced western political thought?

Well, as my teacher happily likes to inform my class, Spartan politics essentially created the idea of a Constitutional Monarchy. A Constitutional Monarchy is basically what we have in the United Kingdom, where the King/Queen is a figure-head and doesn't actually run the country. Athens however, was a Direct Democracy (due to the fact that they had slaves doing all the work and allowing the citizens the leisure time to debate politics) and is one of the two main forms of Democracy we have that exists today. I don't know of any country or nation which employs Direct Democracy, normally it's Representative Democracy (voting in MPs, Senators, to do the voting for the common people) but I do believe it's influenced Western politics because, without the Athenians developing Direct Democracy in the first place, we might not have had Democracy as we know it today. This is because, most of the Greek city-states, after ridding themselves of their own monarchies, normally ended up with Tyrannical rule (not the same as it means nowadays) or Oligarchy's (which is basically the total rule of a country/nation by a select few; like Elders, Military Councils etc.

What was the chief institution of Spanish colonial administration in the western hemisphere?

C is the correct answer. The Council of the Indies, officially, the 'Royal and Supreme Council of the Indies' was the most important administrative organ of the Spanish Empire, both in the Americas and in Asia, combining legislative, executive and judicial functions. The Crown of Castile incorporated the new territories into its domains when Queen Isabella I withdrew the authority granted Christopher Columbus and the first conquistadors, and established direct royal control.

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Many Europeans moved to the colonies to get rich by producing sugar

What statement describes a direct effect of the Renaissance on Western Europe?

Many Europeans moved to the colonies to get rich by producing sugar

What was the most direct cause of the Populist' decline?

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he made a direct route from Europe to India

What was a direct result of the scientific revolution in Europe?

The use of the Latin language and the invention of the printing press were direct results of the scientific revolution in Europe.

How did the Allies help Western Europe?

During World War II, the Allies helped occupied nations in Western Europe by providing behind-the-lines military assistance of all kinds; later, their direct invasion of the Continent liberated these same nations. After the war, the Allies (especially the United States) provided massive material and humanitarian aid for the rebuilding of these nations.

A direct cause of the formation of the bracero program?

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Where in Europe can you take a direct flight to Memphis?

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