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Many Europeans moved to the colonies to get rich by producing sugar

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Q: What statement describes a direct effect of the Renaissance on Western Europe?
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What statement describes a direct of the renaissance on western Europe?

Many Europeans moved to the colonies to get rich by producing sugar

What statement describes negative population growth?

More people die than are born during a given period is a statement that describes negative population growth. The statement describes negative population in Western Europe.

Which part of Europe did the renaissance begin?

Western europe

What year did the Renaissance sperad to western Europe?

The Renaissance spread in the 14th century.

What statement correctly describes the relationship between Italian city states and the European renaissance?

The Renaissance began in Italian city states, where middle class citizens grew to challenge the traditional powers of feudal Europe

What part of Europe did the European renaissance begin?

The European Renaissance began in Western Europe, more specifically, in the city-state of Florence, Italy.

Whose writings did the scholars of western Europe study during the renaissance?

ancient Greeks and Romans

What factors contributed to the rise of trade between Western Europe and the East at the beginning of the Renaissance?


In the Renaissance in Western Europe is best described as a period marked by?

Great intellectual and artistic creativity.

What was the predominant religion of the renaissance?

Predominantly Catholic but there were Protestants and Jews in Western Europe during this period as well.

How does the Renaissance mindset differ from thr Middle Ages and influence the evolution of Modern Western Europe?

Which Mongols played a significant role in Russian history by?

isolating Russia from Western Europe during the early Renaissance.