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Soviet POWS

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Q: 3 million people of what group was killed in the holocaust?
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What group had 6 million people killed during the Holocaust?

The Nazis organized the holocaust

How many people died during the holocaust because of their looks?

Around 11 million died as a result of the Holocaust. Of that number approx 6 million were Jewish. None were really killed because of their looks. They were killed because they belonged to a group of people the Nazis deemed undesirable.

What was bad about the holocaust?

Well, that WAS when Hitler and his group, the Nazis, killed 6 million Jews!

What group of people suffered over 6 million deaths during the holocaust?

6 million Jews were lost to the Holocaust.

What group lost 6 million people during the holocaust?


What was the largest group of people killed during the Holocaust?

The Jews were the majority of the deaths in the Holocaust. But also Gays, the elderly, cripples, and I believe Blacks were killed.

How many people were killed in each group from the holocuast?

6.8 million Jews 3.3 million POWs 2.1 million ethnic poles 1.5 million Romani 300,000 disabled and mentally ill people 80,000 freemasons 25,000 slovenes 15,000 homosexuals 5,000Jehovah's Witnesses total off 14,125,000 people were killed during the holocaust.

How many transgenders were killed during the holocaust?

about 10 000, for a group that were 'victims of the Holocaust' they had the best survival rate. Himmler estimated that there were up to 4 million homosexuals in the Reich, but they made no effort to persecute them, of this only 150 000 were ever arrested.

What demographic of people where targeted in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust did not discriminate by age group.

What are some other groups other than Jews that were killed in the holoucast?

There were many other groups that had people killed by Hitler and the Nazis, but the Holocaust was the specific actions against the Jews, therefore there were no other groups killed in the Holocaust. The only other group which suffered similar persecution to the Jews was the gypsies.

Between 11 and 17 million people died during the Holocaust. Of those who died six million were Jews. Who were the others who died and why don't we have a monument to those people?

homosexuals handicapped gypsies are some types of people who got killed ___________ By far the largest group of victims after the Jews was Soviet prisoners of war - something that doesn't go down well in America.

Which group suffered the most in World War 2?

The figure OS six million refers to the estimate total number of Jews killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust. (The total number of people killed overall in World War 2 was much higher).