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Mainly, Jews were the people that were killed during the Holocaust.

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Q: What groups were killed in the Holocaust?
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What religious groups were killed in the holocaust?


Were pigs killed in the holocaust?

They were not one of the main groups targeted.

What two groups of Jews were immediately killed during the holocaust?

commissars and partisans

What are some other groups other than Jews that were killed in the holoucast?

There were many other groups that had people killed by Hitler and the Nazis, but the Holocaust was the specific actions against the Jews, therefore there were no other groups killed in the Holocaust. The only other group which suffered similar persecution to the Jews was the gypsies.

What are some things about the holocaust?

The Holocaust occurred at the time of World War 2. Though Holocaust mainly targeted Jews, other groups were targeted as well. Millions of Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

How does being prejudiced aply to Holocaust?

Because the holocaust was based on that.Germans prejudged the Jews as unworthy of life so they killed them.Jews were killed because of the groups they belonged to not for anything they had done.

How many groups were killed during the holocaust period besides the Jewish people?

i dont knoww.

How many Soviet groups were killed in the holocaust?

I would have to say thousands, but then again 'group' is not very specific.

Other groups of people besides the Jews who were killed during the Holocaust?

gypsies --- Please see the related question.

Who were killed during the Holocaust?

The jews and the non jews were killed during the holocaust.

What family was killed to start of the Holocaust?

jews were the first who were killed at the stsrt of holocaust

Which country had the most Holocaust survivors?

If you mean by the number of an countries population of certain groups of people who were killed in the Holocaust then the USSR in which 1,598,000 out would of been 3.28 Million people who survived the Holocaust. Most of these were Jews.

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