A forcible closing of ports

Updated: 4/28/2022
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is a blockade

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Q: A forcible closing of ports
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Closing of the Southern ports so supplies couldn't be shipped in or out?

Union Blockade

How do you close port 8080 on a Mac 10.6?

Closing internet ports are closed/open on the modem if you only use a modem or the router if you use a modem/router. Read you manual on the router or go to the manufacturer and you can down load the instructions there and/or look for the FAQ on closing ports.

What is term for a focible closing of ports?

A: Blockade - Cut off an area by means of troops or warships to stop supplies or people from coming in or going out; to close off a country's ports.

How do you use forcible in a sentence?

She used forcible language to convince them to leave the building.

The names of the old ladies in coraline?

Their names are Miss Spink and Miss Forcible

What is Napoleon's policy closing European ports to British goods?

The Continental System which was a failed Economic Boycott against the UK.

How do you use then word forcible in an sentence?

The police used forcible measures to apprehend the suspect.

How do you use the word forcible in a sentence?

The police used forcible entry to gain access to the building.

What is the medical term for forcible tearing of a body part during surgery?

Rupture (ruhp-chuhr) = forcible tearing.

What is an example of a violent crime?

forcible rape

What is theft due to forcible entry?


Write a sentence with incredible and forcible in it?

I made a forcible argument for my Theory of Adaptation, an incredible insight into Darwinian belief that had the scientific community applauding my genius.