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The spice trade route which is on the sea, is from china and the malay archipelago to the west. The ports in penang and bencoolen are unsuitable for that the ships will have to detour in order to get the spice there.

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Q: Why is penang and bencoolen unsuitable ports for the british?
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Which country smuggled opium into China and initiated the Opium Wars?

British merchants had the habit of smuggling opium into China. The Chinese government was opposed to this, so blocked British shipping from entering Chinese ports. The British Foreign Secretary, Lord Palmerston (who was called 'the irreducible minimum of government, the cement of British politics') took offence to this and declared war on the Chinese.

How did the Embargo Act have a positive effect?

The embargo act had a positive effect because it cuts off supplies for british and french.

Where only British evacuated?

I'm guessing you're asking about the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk. There were about 335,000 troops evacuated, including some 30,000 French. The bulk of the French forces were elsewhere, south of the Seine River. The effect of the German attack through the Ardennes had been to drive a wedge between the British and French. The gap widened as the British went one direction, toward the Channel ports, and the French withdrew southward.

What ports did the World War 1 solidiers land at?

US troops debarked in France at half a dozen ports. By far the most of these landed in Brest, nearly 800,000. About another 200,000 landed at St. Nazaire. Both these small port cities so familiar to WWI doughboys became notorious in WWII for their use as German submarine bases, once the Germans occupied France. British troops used ports on the northern French coast, behind that portion of the front they held.

The results of the blockade of British ports was that?

Exports to France were haulted. France exports were halted.

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please help me find out about the British Free Ports Act!!!

What ports did the british use to invade the south?

The two ports the British captured a port in Savannah and Charles Town.

Napoleaon's blockade of British ports was called?

The Continental System banned British goods and ships from all European Ports.

Why did sir Thomas Stamford Raffles find Singapore?

Singapore was chosen as... 1)it has a strategic location in the Malay archipalego,and was dubbed as the heart of it. 2)it has an excellent harbor,and had the facilities to allow damaged British ships to be repaired 3)Singapore has a good supply of fresh water,eg.springs at fort canning. 4)there is no dutch present on the island,so that means no conflicts with the dutch.

What was Napoleon's economic policy that closed all ports on the European continent?

The Continental System. It only closed European ports to British Shipping and British products.

Who first established ports and towns in Jamaica?

The British

What two southern ports did the British Capture?

The British captured Savannah Georgia and Agusta

Where do British custom agents work?

At all ports and airports

French and british warship were banned from american ports in?

It was the Proclamation of Neutrality that banned French and British warships from American ports. The proclamation was issued on April 22, 1793.

When did the Chinese ports open under British command?

in the 1800's