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A socially responsible consumer might boycott a company that uses child labor.

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Q: A socially responisble consumer might boycott a company that uses what?
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A socially responsible consumer might boycott a company that uses what?

Child labor

Why would a consumer boycott a company?

Because it is a harmful, addictive drug.

Ask us does it take for a consumer boycott to be successful?

The boycott must significantly reduce the target company's profits.

How would you use boycott in a sentence?

The boycott is an effective way for disgruntled customers to be heard, because no business can survive when people refuse to buy their products and services.The consumer group decided to boycott the store because of the inaccurate scales at the check outs, which over weighed all produce.The people decided to boycott the company's product

A sentence with the word boycott in it?

We will go boycott that bus company tomorrow at 10a.m.

Why did the bus company lose money during the boycott?

they dont like the boycott

What would be a good sentences for boycott?

The workers ordered a boycott of company goods until their wages were compensated.

How are employees a part of a company being socially responsible?

The employees are a part of a company's being socially responsible because they reflect the face of its employer.

Why should businesses be socially responsible?

Yes business organization should be socially responsible. When a business is socially responsible they are able to establish a strong customer relationship with their consumers as well as maintain a strong consumer value.

What would a socially responsible company use?

Socially responsible companies use renewable resources.

Can you give 5 examples of the word boycott in a sentence?

The group encouraged their members to boycott certain foods. The movie boycott was successful. A boycott may or may not have the desired results. If enough people boycott the company, it will change it's ways. The boycott will take place until they get the results they want.

Why might a letter-writing campaign get a company to change its business practices?

The company might fear that the letter-writing campaign will become a boycott if it doesn't respond