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While historians will continue to argue that question, the South did not leave the battlefield unscathed. Three Brigade commanders from the Army of the Shenandoah were unable to continue the fight: Edmund Kirby Smith was wounded, Francis S. Barton and Barnard Elliot Bee, Jr., were killed. Also, in the fog of war that followed the Union rout a political error may have been made when Jefferson Davis promoted the wrong man on the battlefield. P.G.T. Beauregard was advanced to the rank of Lieutenant General while Stonewall Jackson was ignored. Perhaps it made no real difference at the time, but a different commander just might have pushed the fight into the streets of the Union Capital.

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Q: After the battle of First Bullrun in 1861 could the South have marched on Washington?
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First battle of bullrun?

it was in1616

When did the first battle of bullrun begin?

In the morning of 21.7.1861

Where did the first battle of bullrun take place?


What was the battle of bullrun?

The first big battle in the Civil war against the North and South and the South won.

Whom did Lincoln ask to command the union army after the first battle of bullrun?


What were some stratgeites used to win the first battle of bullrun?

they used guns with knives in the top

What new technology was introduced in the battle of bullrun?

It may have been the first battle where a General (Joe Johnston) moved his army by rail, to good effect.

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Who won the2nd battle of bullrun?

The South won the Second Battle of Bull Run, as it had won the First Battle of Bull Run. Although the North won the war, the South actually won the majority of battles.

When did the battle of bullrun start and end?

The First Battle of Bull Run started on July 21st 1861. The First Battle of Bull Run ended on July 21st 1861. If you were on about the Second Battle of Bull Run then it started on August 28th 1862 and ended on August 30th 1862.

Who won the battle of Bullrun?

Both battles of Bull Run (Manassas) were won by the South, and the North lost. The first battle in July 1861 was won by Generals Johnston and Beauregard. The second battle in August 1862 was won by General Lee.

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