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the north and south are one country, not taken over by anyone.

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No nation took it over for a short time; it was the Republic of South Vietnam from it's beginning in 1954/55 until it's end in 1975.

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Q: After the withdraw of the American troops south Vietnam was taken over by what country?
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What was the name given to the US plan in which American troops would train Vietnamese troops and then the American troops would withdraw from Vietnam?


Nixon's gradual withdrawal of American troops out of Vietnam took how long?

It took 4 years to fully withdraw U.S. troops.

Richard Nixon promised to if elected?

He promised to withdraw troops from Vietnam if he was elected.

What happened shortly after the United states and north Vietnam signed a peace accord providing for the withdraw of American troops from Vietnam?

North Vietnam took over South Vietnam

Who was the president who started to withdraw troops from Vietnam?

Richard Nixon

What did eisenhower decide about Vietnam in 1954?

France agreed to withdraw its troops

What was president Richards nixons plan for vietnamization of the war?

U.S Forces would withdraw and ARVN troops would try to reunite Vietnam under a single flag.

What plan was intended to withdraw US troops from Vietnam?

Get our POWs back and leave.

Did John Gordon withdraw Australian troops from Vietnam?

If he was their president in '72; then yes.

What was the plan for the gradual removal of American troops from South Vietnam?

The plan for the gradual removal of American troops from south Vietnam was called Vietnamization. South Vietnamese troops were trained to use American arms and materiel to protect their country.

In the Paris Peace Accords, what did the United States agree to do?

to withdraw its troops from South Vietnam

What did the Paris peace accord do?

to withdraw its troops from South Vietnam