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Q: After world war 1 most European nations had what type of government if only temporarily?
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After World War 1 most European nations had what type of government?

democratic. im pretty sure. :)

How did the U.S. try to help European nations devastated by World War 1?

The US tried to help European nations that were devastated by World War 1 in various ways. There was so much money spent by the US government to help in rebuilding this nations and stabilizing their economies.

Was Czechoslovakia one of the few eastern European nations that did not have a stable democratic government after World War 1?


Is the United Nations a union of European nations?

No. The United Nations has members from all over the world. The European Union is an organisation that has members from Europe.

How many European nations were fighting in World War I?


What 10 nations make up the European commonwealth?

In the real world there is no such thing as the European commonwealth.

True or false after world war 1 the United States was in debt to European nations?

False. The United States became the primary creditor for European nations.

Did The Potsdam meetings determine the future of occupied European nations following World War 2?

Yes, the Postdam Meetings determined the future of occupied European nations following World War 2.

What effects did world war have on empires that had been created by European nations?

Many nations granted freedom to their colonies.

Why did western Europe economies grow faster then eastern Europe economies after World War 2?

The Eastern European Nations were controlled by the Soviet Union, a communist government, and they did not have self-rule nor could they have free trade with the rest of the world as the Western European nations did. The USSR also refused help from the democratic western nations so they did not have all that help to fix up and grow the economies of the Eastern Nations.

How and why did the United states aid European nations after world war 2?


The world helped supply the immediate needs of European nations?

Marshall Plan