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You should talk to your mother about it. Don't tell your father, it should be your mother who does that. If she refuses to, tell her you will and see if she changes her tone.

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Q: Am i supposed to say something to my mom or dad if my mom is cheating on my dad?
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How do you deal with cheating mom?

wow this is pretty deep, especially when you are a daughter or son of a mom who you know is cheating on your dad. I would have a serious talk with your mom about it. don't just come out and ask her "are you cheating on dad" but ask her relating questions such as "do you still love dad?" "are you and dad having problems" "do you want to leave dad?" "are you still happy being married to dad" etc. these questions may lead to answers that are defensive in nature or give key indicators that she is cheating. she may feel so guilty about what she is doing and by your questions, that she may just come out and tell you she is cheating. but either way, do not go and tell your dad your mom is cheating because you do not want to start any problems. unfortunately you are the child, and your mom and dad are the adults, I know it hurts to see your mom do this to you dad, but they will deal with matters in their own way. you do not want to be in the middle of it all. I do suggest, however, that if it gets out of hand, that you tell your mom straight up that you know she is cheating and that she should stop or tell your dad the truth so you do not have to keep seeing her hurt your dad. maybe your parents shouldn't be together if they are having problems like that. I'm sorry though. that's tough to go through. depending on your relationship with your mom will ultimately guide you to how you will confront this problem. if it was me and I saw my mom cheating on my dad, I would just come out and ask why she was doing that. because me and my mom have a very close relationship.

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Try to talk to that parent and ask why are you cheating the other parent. Tell him/her that it's not right to do that. Tell him/her your true feelings about this problem. If you're too scared or shy to talk then don't talk about it.

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What should you do if you know for a fact your dad is cheating on your mom and your mom doesn't know and your dad doesn't know you know?

Im sorry, but regardless of the attached, you can NOT control who your mom or your dad dates. BUT you can help it. This is not my situation, but my mom and dad got a friend divorce and i know what im talking about. So, if i were you, i would do this: Make sure you know for positive that he is cheating, because if it was all a misunderstanding, the cosequences could be severe. Get proof, then go to your mom and tell her everything. Tell her to kindly talk to your dad, and you may or may not want het to bring you into the situation. But, there is a possibility that you might have to. For example, if you dad denies cheating, you will have to tell him whatever proof you had. If he continues to come up with excuses, just fight with your proof. He may get you in trouble, and you can accept that. But he will eventually confess. But,take the matter the right way, and face the truth. All over all, you can not stop your dad from doing whar he is doing. Best wishes. Im sorry about the situation your in, but regardless, you can make it better.