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Which organization was created at the end of World War 1 to help countries peacefully resolve their problems?

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umm there wasn't it was a world WAR....

i think you may be asking about the league of nations which existed after WW1 and lasted till about WWII after which it was replaced by the UN

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The Security Council, under the United Nations Charter, is primarily responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security. It has been functioning since 1946.

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Q: An organization for solving world problems peacefully?
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What was the organization for solving world problems peacefully in WWII?

League of Nations was after WW1 and United Nations was after WW2

Which organization was created at the end of world war 1 to help countries peacefully resolve there problems?

United Nations

Which organization did desmond tutu joined?

Desmond Tutu joined the Elders in 2007, an organization of world leaders dedicated to solving global problems. The group has worked in Ethiopia, India and the Middle East.

How can you peacefully solve world wide problems?

with respect

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What is the term for the application of science and math to real world problems with the goal of solving them?


Organization for peaceful settlement of world problems?

United Nations

Was a post World War 2 organization where the members pledged to seek to settle disagreements peacefully and prevent or end future wars?

United Nations

What is the most important technology now use for solving world problems?

the most important to solve the world problem is the internet

What was the organization established for peaceful settlements of world problems after World War 2 was the?

Atlantic Charter

What was Wilson's organization for settling world problems?

The organization Woodrow Wilson proposed in 1919 for settling world problems was The League of Nations. It was the precursor to the United Nations.

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