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The CSS Alabama was a warship built in Great Britain. It was built secretly, expressly for the use of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

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Q: Another confederate warship built in great britain?
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Namesake of a confederate ship built in great britain?

warship i guess

Confederate warship built in England?

The CSS Alabama was built at Birkenhead England by John Laird Sons and Company as a commerce raider for the Confederates in 1862.

What is a kiev warship?

Possibly a Russian warship built in the Kiev Shipyards.

Warship built for speed replaced by destroyers?


Warship built for speed replaced by the destroyer?


What was the name of the warship built for speed replaced by destroyers?


When was the CSS Alabama commissioned?

The CSS Alabama was commissioned on August 24, 1862. It was built by Great Britain and was disguised as a supply ship while in British waters. It became a deadly Southern warship.

What is the warship built for speed replaced by destroyers in modern use?


What type of new French ironclad warship did the Confederacy wanted to buy or have built for its navy?

Confederate agent Lieutenant James North was sent by the Southern Secretary of the Navy Stephen Mallory to France try to buy or have built an ironclad with the latest innovations. The French ironclad of the Gloire class had been commissioned in 1858.

What was the purpose of the South's CSS Alabama?

The CSS Alabama was built for the Confederate States of America. It became a deadly menace for Union shipping during the US Civil War. The ship was assigned to seize or sink Union cargo vessels. and inflict damage to the Union's economy. Almost 70 Union cargo ships were sunk by this Confederate warship.

What purpose was the Mary rose built?

The construction of the Mary Rose began in 1509 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

What was the warship invented during the civil war?

Many warships were invented during the US Civil War. Coming immediately to mind are the Merrimack and the Monitor, both early armoured warships. Also the David and the Hunley, early submarines built for the Confederate Navy.