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If you are subpoenaed, yes. Otherwise you are in contempt of court, and will go to jail. Judges don't like being blown off.

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Q: Are depositions in civil action obligatory?
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Is deposition in civil action obligatory?

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What is the limit of depositions in GA for a civil suit?

As far as I know, there generally aren't limits on the amount of depositions you can take. That doesn't mean that the other side won't object if they feel you're asking for an unnecessary deposition. There are deadlines, though, for discovery depositions and trial depositions. You should look first at the local rules for the court where the suit is filed, then George Civil Local Rules, as well as Federal Civil Rules

Civil lawsuit--are depositions necessary?

Depositions are commonly used in civil lawsuits to gather information from witnesses or parties involved in the case. They are a crucial part of the discovery process, allowing both parties to obtain testimony and evidence for the trial. While not always necessary, they can be valuable in building a strong case or negotiating a settlement.

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What is the difference between pre-judgment depositions and post-judgment depositions?

Pre-judgment depositions are taken prior to trial and reflect issues of whether or not the defendant is liable. Post judgment depositions are taken after a trial (or settlement) and typically go to issues of the amount of liability or methods of enforcing the judgment.

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