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5 % veteran or 10% disabled.

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Q: Are you eligible for military preference points?
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Military spouse preference means what?

When you are applying for a job you can use your spouse preference. It is kind of like a Veteran's preference. It is just giving you a preference over someone who is non-military affiliated.

What is the oldest age eligible for military draft in the US?

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Are veterans eligible for FHA loans?

Veterans are eligible for FHA loans. Veterans must meet the military guidelines in order to be eligible for this type of loan. Information for veterans in this regard can be easily found on the Internet on a website called Military Rates.

Who were declared eligible for burial in national cemeteries after World?

Military Veterans

At what age is one eligible to enlist in the military?

17 with a parents approval.

Is a Puerto Rican who served in the US military eligible for VA benefits?


Who is eligible for a VA loan?

Military, vets, those left behind by a dying soilder. Those who were discharged from the military in good standing. These are the people eligible for VA loans. All active & inactive military following World War II.

Who can apply for a Military Star Card?

Persons who are currently a member of any of the armed services are eligible to apply for a Military Star Card. Retirees are also eligible to apply. To begin the application, one will be required to have a military ID or a Common Access Card.

Are you eligible for a Geico discount because you are in the National Guard?

You may be eligible for a military and/or emergency deployment discount. Contact the insurance carrier to learn more.

What percent of native Americans who serve in the military stay in until eligible for retirement?


Who is eligible for military standby flights?

can fiance's standby fly with a retired service member

Can service members who report they were sexually assaulted are eligible for the service of a military attorney?


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