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yes, it should be reflected on the DD Form 214

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Q: Army presidentail unit citation on the dd form 214?
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What are the 601st Aviation Support Battalion unit awards?

Army Meritorious Unit Citation (2 Oak Leaf Clusters), and Army Superior Unit Award.

Can an army soldier wear the navy presidential unit citation?

Yes, there are numerous examples of Army unit attached to Marine units that earn the Navy PUC

What unit awards are authorized to wear in fourth brigade first ID second battalion 16th infantry regment?

Q: Are you referring to WW2 or Modern army? There was no "4th brigade" in WW2. The unit you ask about appears to be 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division. I believe the current 1st Infantry Division is divided into brigades. The 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry has the following US unit awards: Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for MATEUR, TUNISIA, Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for SICILY, Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for NORMANDY, Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for HURTGEN FOREST,Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for HAMICH, GERMANY, Valorous Unit Award IRAQ-KUWAIT (Desert Storm 1991), Company C additionally entitled to: Valorous Unit Award for COURTENAY PLANTATION A soldier currently serving in 2-16 Infantry would wear a Presidential Unit Citation with 4 oak leaf clusters and the Valorous Unit Award, additionally soldiers assigned to Charlie Company would wear one oak leaf cluster on the Valorous Unit Award. Soldiers that were assigned to the unit during the timeframe during which an award was earned may wear that award after leaving the unit.

Was the US army 43Rd division awarded the Philippine presidential citation?

the 43d Infantry Division, was awarded the Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation by Department of the Army General Order Number 47-50.

When was Gallant Unit Citation created?

Gallant Unit Citation was created in 2004.

When was Unit Citation for Gallantry created?

Meritorious Unit Citation was created on 1991-01-15.

Who has the elite army?

Nearly EVERY country has "their form" of an elite army or unit.

When was Presidential Unit Citation - United States - created?

Presidential Unit Citation - United States - was created in 1942.

When was Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation created?

Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation was created in 1946.

On the class A uniform when can an individual wear the presidential unit citation only while in that unit or as part of the Class A uniform in any unit?

IF you were a member of that unit when it was awarded the unit citation, you can wear it while assigned to any unit. If the unit citation was awarded during a period when you were not a member of that unit, then you may only wear it while assigned to that unit.

Can veterans wear the Presidential Unit Citation?

It doesn't work that way. If they serve in a unit which was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation prior to their serving in that unit, they would wear the Presidential Unit Citation with their unit awards only while they are in that unit. If they serve in a unit when it is awarded the Presidential Unit Citation, then they wear that award at all times, regardless of what unit they're in.However, if neither of these is applicable, then it may not be worn, whether the service member is a combat veteran or not.

What is the meaning of a patch on a World War 2 army soilders uniform that resimbles a wreath?

meritiorius unit commendation. worn on the sleeve. however, that patch was changed to an all red citation with gold metal border and worn over right pocket. It looks like a presidential unit citation but red in color.....................