Attempt to capture Maryland

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Battle of Antietam

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Q: Attempt to capture Maryland
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Which battle was an attempt to capture Maryland?

Battle of Antietam

What battle ended general lee's attempt to capture the north?

The Battle of Gettysburg ended General Lee's attempt to capture the North.

What natural resources did colonial Maryland grow capture and export?


What animal was used by Hannibal in his attempt to capture Rome?


To surround with enemy forces and cut off supplies in an attempt to capture a city is called?

To surround with enemy forces and cut off supplies in an attempt to capture a city is called a siege.

Attempt to capture various Japanese held islands?


Why did the Anzacs evacuate at Gallipoli?

This allied attempt to capture Istanbul fad failed.

What law protected Catholics from any attempt to make Maryland a Protestant colony?

The Maryland Toleration Act of 1649.The Maryland Toleration Act of 1649.

What were the outcomes arising from the kokoda track?

The Japaness attempt to capture Port Moresby was averted.

What battle started the Persian Wars?

The failed Miletus attempt to capture Naxos in 499 BCE.

What are three colonies were founded in an attempt to escape religious persecution?

Massachussets, Maryland, and Rhode Island

What does the idiom give someone the slip mean?

To give someone the slip means to escape from their attempt to capture you.