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Exoduster. A former slave who left the south after the reconstruction.

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Q: Civil war words that start with ex?
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What is an egg rasher in the story civil peace?

Egg rasher is the money which was granted by the Govt. to the people as an assistance after civil war.

What roles did women play in the Civil War?

Mainly women were nurses, but they also housed troops, spies, laundresses, vivandieres, sanitary and Christian commission workers, newspaper writers, and undercover soldiers. One ex-slave spied on Jefferson Davis by working for him as a maid! Women played a big role in the Civil War; if there weren't women nurses, many more men would have died.

How does each reconstruction plan treat ex-Confederates?

Ex-Confederates were treated fairly during Reconstruction. After the war ended, ex-Confederates who laid down their weapons were not persecuted or treated unfairly.

What happened to African-Americans after the reconstruction?

They didn't lose any rights as a mater of fact they gained many rights that were not recognised before the civil war. The big problem in their case was that they were not in a position to fight for them. They were lynched left right and centre and even during the war they were treated as second class citizens. People may sing the anthem with a hand over the heart but it is taking a long time for them to realise what they are singing for.

When did the last civil war drummer boy die?

The last confirmed Civil War veteran was an ex-drummer boy Albert H. Woolson who served in Company C, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery. He died on August 2, 1956. The exact date of Woolson's birth is disputed, but it was probably either February 11, 1848 or (more likely) February 11, 1849. He enlisted on October 10, 1864 when he would have been either 15 or 16 years of age.

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What leader was arrested after the civil war?

Jefferson Davis - ex-President of the ex-Confederacy

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Christmas word starting ex?

Christmas words that start with 'ex' might be expectation or excitement.

Why was the Civil War called the war of rebellion?

The War of Rebellion is an alternate name for the American Civil War, generally used by ex-Confederate states. It can be used to denote a degree of support for the secession of these states, though this is not universal.

What was the term used by ex-confederates to remind southerners of their defeat in the civil war?

The Lost Cause

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Why did the Citizens of the South suffered food shortages during the Civil War?

They lacked transportation, ex. railroads, and proper communication, ex. telegraph, that Union exceeded in. This was a major contributor to the Union victory of the war.

Who are other examples of Famous ex-slaves during the Civil War?

Dred Scott, Frederick Douglass, and Nat Turner were all antebellum slaves, but they were enslaved or freed very close to the Civil War.

What is a war of atrition?

It is when one side of a war is fighting offensively with many advantages, and the other side is fighting defensively with not so many advantages. Ex) Civil War

How do you spell Herret Tubman?

The ex-slave who led others to freedom prior to the Civil War was Harriet Tubman.