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The evacuees had absolutely no say at all in where they went, unless they had relatives living in one of the 'safe' areas. They were basically herded into the trains and sent off, with no idea where they were going at all. Their parents would have had no idea either until they got a letter from their child. Once they got to the village in which they were staying, they were taken to the village hall or school and were made to stand around the edge of it. It was then the villagers duty to come and choose as many children as they had spare beds. If there was not enough room for all of the children, then a billeter would take any remaining children around the village in case someone hadn't come to collect a child whenm they had a spare bed or to see if someone was willing to let the child squeeze into their house for a day or two until someone had been found who could take them in. Hope this helps!

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Sometimes if the family was rich and had a special condition for the child. Most of the time the children did not get to chose were they got evacuated to.

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Q: Could the evacuees choose where they got evacuated in World War 2?
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What was the highest age an evacuees could be?

Children under the age of 16 were eligible to be evacuated during World War II in the United Kingdom.

Is there a list of children evacuated to Blisland in Cornwall during World War 2?

You could contact the Ministry of Health. They were in charge of the evacuees. They may have archive lists of the children and where they were sent. I have included a related link for you. There is an association of the evacuees. It is listed at the bottom of the page on the link. You could contact that association and ask them if they know also.

Did evacuees in world war 2 go to New Zealand?

Yes my mother and her brother were evacuated to New Zealand when they were aged 9 and 11.

Where there any evacuees in World War 1?

There may have been evacuees but no one has any prove. Except for in 1917 when two girls sent a letter home to their brother but no one knows if they were just on holiday or if they actually been evacuated.

Where did they send World War 2 evacuees?

The evacuees went to these locations: Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, all of Wales, The Lake District in the Northwest, The Highlands of Scotland, and the south coast. Some places the children and adults were evacuated to such as Plymouth and Bristol were bombed so they had to move the kids again to other places.

What were lots of children in world war 2 called?

The children in England who had to be evacuated from the blitz bombing were called "Evacuees". Now to be funny, they were called lads, lassies, kids, children, bonnies.

Could evacuees from World War 2 contact home?

only by writing to Their address.

Did the London evacuees ever get to see their mothers again?

It is likely that some London evacuees were able to see their mothers again after being evacuated, as many were eventually able to return home when the danger of bombings decreased. However, the specifics would vary for each evacuee and depend on factors such as their location, circumstances, and the duration of the war.

How were evacuees treated in World War 2?

During World War 2, in order to avoid the bombings, some women and most children were evacuated from the larger towns. The evacuations started in September 1939 and resulted in over 3 million people being evacuated. Evacuees were given gas masks and food for the journey to the county. Each child traveled with a label pinned to them stating their name, home address, school and destination.

What happened if a child' mother died in World War 2?

If the child still lived with their parents during WWII, the kid would be sent to an orphanage or something. If the kid was evacuated to the countryside for safety, they would either go live with a relative or stay with they people they were evacuated to. Some evacuees prefer the country.

Could families choose not to have their kids evacuated in World War 2?

No, they children were ripped from their families arms when needed. Some tried to hide their children, so their homes were burnt to the ground.

What did evacuees have to were in World War 2?

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