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Religious differences between Catholics and Protestants

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Q: Describe the main reason for the civil wars fought in France.?
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What roll did African Americans have in the civil war?

They fought in it on both sides. They were one reason why it was fought...

Was the civil war fought over slavery?

Yes, that was the main reason.

What was the main reason African Americans fought in the civil war?

To fight for their freedom

What reason was the civil war fought In 1861-65?

Abe Lincoln abolished slavery

What was the south's reason for fighting in the Civil War?

The Southern states (Confederates) fought the in civil war for their right to keep slaves.

Why did union soilders fight?

During the Civil War they fought for many reasons. However, the main reason they fought was for abolishing slavery.

What were the 2 main reasons civil war was fought?

Well the main reason was to abolish slavery

Was the Civil War fought in vain?

Not at all. Many people don't know that the civil war was fought for more than one reason. - Abolishment of slavery - Civil Rights - Rights of the people, and land for landowners. No, without the civil war, our economy and civil leadership wouldn't be what it is today.

Was the American Civil War a global event?

it was a civil war the nation fought its self it could have if france and britian lended a hand to the rebs but they didnt

If the Civil War was not fought over the issue of slavery what was the main reason for the conflict in the opinion of the North and the South?

The main reason was states rights.

What years was the Civil War fought?

The Civil was fought in 1861-1865.

Why did union fight in the Civil War?

The main reason the Union fought in the war was to keep the Southern states in the Union. Another reason was to abolish slavery.

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