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About 250,000 Confederates fought in the Civil War

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Q: How many soildeirs fought for the confederacy in the civil war?
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How many confederates where in the civil war?

During the war, approximately one million men fought for the Confederacy

What role did African American soldiers have in the Civil war?

African-Americans fought on both sides during the Civil War, although many more fought for the North than for the South. The Confederacy promised eventual freedom to any African-American who fought on their side.

How many Unions fought in the civil war?

One, the union of states known as the United States of America. The Unite States fought against the Confederacy known as The Confederate States of America.

How many factories did the Confederacy have in the civil war?


How many states were in the confederacy in the civil war?


How many groups were there during the civil war?

countries that fought in it: Britain,Union(us),cofederate states, France, Mexico Prussa, alliances were Britain Prussa Confederacy

How many states were in the confederacy during the civil war?

There were 11 states that stayed in the Confederacy.

How many confederates fought in the civil war?

Due to missing records, an accurate accounting of the number who served for the Confederacy is not available. Estimates are that between 700,00 and 1,250,000 Confederate soldiers served in the American Civil War.

How many states made up the confederacy in the civil war?

The Confederacy was made up of 13 or 14 states.

Was Texas discovered by the time the battle of Gettysburg was fought?

Yes. Texas had been a US state since 1845, 16 years before the Civil War. On January 28th 1861, Texas seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy. Numerous Texas regiments fought in the Civil War for the South at many of the major battles of the Civil War.

How many fought in the civil war?


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