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By the end of the war, nearly 180,000 former slaves had enlisted in the army and fought against the Confederacy.

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Q: How many slaves fought on the unions side?
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Which side the the slaves help fight in during the civil war?

Slaves fought on both the north and the south side

If slaves fought in the civil war did they get freedom?

---- ---- ---- ---- if they fought in the side on the union they gained their freedom

What were slaves given who fought on the british side given?


Why did so many escaped slaves decide to join the side of the English?

Because we the english were not the slavers, it was the colonials who were. The Eglish actually offered freedom to all slaves who fought alongside them.

Did former slaves fight in the civil war?

Yes, there were units of African Americans that fought on the side of the Union.

How many troops was on the unions side?

At Gettysburg, 95000 men.

In the American Revolution African Americans fought on which side?

The vast majority of African Americans fought on the side of the British, records show that 20,000 fought for the British after being promised freedom and land, many also signed up aboard Royal Navy vessels. The Continental Army kept no records for Black American slaves; however, it is thought that approx 5,000 fought on the orders of their 'owners'. The British kept their word and many African Americans emigrated to British Canada, England and the Caribbean where they were freed and given small plots of land. It is a sad fact that American slave owners on catching the freed slaves tortured, crippled and even blinded some in revenge. Many historians believe the Revolutionary War was fought to retain slavery in the colonies as England had outlawed the practice. In Simon Schama's 2006 book 'Rough Crossings: The Slaves, the British, and The American Revolution' he lays out the evidence for this horrific fact.

What ended slavery in the north?

Northern slavery began to end during the American Revolutionary War. British generals liberated slaves everywhere they fought, provided the slaves would agree to fight with them. This so diminished the slaves in the North, that many northern colonies enacted legislation, offering freedom if slaves fought on the colonists' side. A generation following the Revolutionary War, northern slavery ended for the most part based on fears of a rising black population, and economic reality.

In 1775 the population of the colonies included about how many African slaves?

There were approximately 500,000 slaves at the end of the colonial period. The American Revolutionary War found slaves fighting on both sides of the conflict. The British unilaterally promised freedom to any slave fighting on Britain's side and thousands took them up on this. Some slaves, however, fought alongside their masters.

What did each side offer the slaves if they fought in the revolutionary war?

The British offered freedom and independence. The 13 colonies offered more rights. The slaves went for British because they wanted freedom, not rights.

What side did the black groups choose during the revolutionary war?

Americans because the Americans said they'd free slaves who fought in the war after the war.

How many blacks fought on the American side?

3.6 million