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Nope. That is a form of Japanese torture.

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Q: Did Germans shove a glass rod down the penis of men then hit the end with a hammer and it shad er in the mans penis?
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Why did Stephen Douglas's atempts to shove aside the conflict over slavery fail?

Douglas failed to realize the enormity of the slave issue as well as opposition of slavery in the north. He opened the issue of letting states decide for themselves whether they should allow slavery. After slavery was voted in, a bloody insurrection between pro and anti slavery groups came about in Kansas. Douglas denounced the use of his rhetoric for political purposes and denounced President Buchanan who recognized Kansas as a slave state.

Did Germany have the best weapons in World War 2?

The best rifle was the US M1 Garand. It was much better than the standard weapon issued to the soldiers of any army. It was a semi-automatic - you just shoved in a clip and pulled the trigger. There were eight rounds to a clip, and after the last one was fired, the empty clip automatically ejected and the bolt stayed back so you could shove in another right away, and you had to get your thumb out of the way because as soon as the clip was seated the bolt moved forward, and picked up and chambered the first cartridge of the new clip as it closed, so you were ready to go on shooting immediately. The average foot soldier of every other nation went to war with the identical rifle that his father had used in WWI - a five shot, bolt action rifle. But in other weapons Germany had the best. Their MG 34, which was redesigned as the MG42 for easier production and to have a slower rate of fire (but still far faster than US machine guns) was so good that the US copied it as the M60, and used it as its standard infantry machine gun until very recently. Moreover, the Germans used these machine guns liberally. A German platoon was bigger than a US platoon, and had eight of these good machine guns, while the US platoon had two slower firing ones. US troops also had the Browning Automatic Rifle, a 1918 (WWI) design, usually two or three to a squad, but these did not really compare to a machine gun. The BAR was more an assault rifle, except it fired the same, full sized rounds as the M1 and US machine guns. In 1943 the Germans invented the first true assault rifle, the Sturm Gewehr 43, from which the Russians coped the still ubiquitous AK47. The German version was never issued in large numbers to field troops, who continued on to the end of the war with the Model 1898 Mauser rifle, used in both World Wars - but the WWII Germans were also carrying belts of ammo for all those machine guns. German hand grenades were better - they looked like a soup can on top of a stick. This handle made it easier to throw farther, and it had a larger explosive charge. The German equivalent of the US bazooka, the anti-tank weapon given to foot soldiers, was far better. The German version was the Panzerfaust, and was also copied by the Russians and continues to be used as the RPGs so beloved by terrorists all over the world. The US Thompson submachine gun (machine pistol) was a good weapon, but no better than the German MP38/40, also called the Schmeisser. Tank for tank, the Germans had by far the best, but they never got that many built. Germany built only about 1300 Tiger tanks, while the US made 88,000 Shermans. The Sherman was truly only a medium tank though, while the Tiger and Panther were heavy tanks, and very difficult for US tanks to defeat. Tanks, airplanes, the Sturm Gewehr 43, the Germans had some amazing designs, far ahead of their times, but they could never settle down on just one, and build enough of any of these to make a difference. In the air they had operational jet fighters in use in 1944. They would have had them in 1942, but Hitler meddled. Hitler hated defensive weapons, and he considered fighter planes to be defensive, so when the Me 262 appeared, he ordered it converted to a bomber. The plane was completely unsuited to that role, but the air generals had no choice, so it only appeared as a fighter in 1944, in small numbers, when it was too late to make the difference large numbers would have made in 1942-43. The bulk of German aircraft were the same ones at the end of the war as the ones they started with, though they had evolved the designs, but by the end of the war American and British fighters were as good or better. The Germans never had any heavy bombers to compare with the US B-17, B-24 or B-29. German warships were as good as anybody's, particularly their submarines.

How do tanks shoot?

The Vietnam era M48A3 Patton medium gun tank had at least 4 triggers in the turret; one on each cadillac control for the gunner and TC; one manual on the breech; and one master blaster. The 3 foot long 90mm cartridge was shoved into the breech, the loader yelled "up" and the TC said "on the way" as he pressed the trigger. The M41 90mm gun was just like a large 30-06 rifle; just shove in the cartridge, close the breech, and shoot. During the early days in Vietnam, the 90mm casing was actually brass, after 1969 the shell casing was made of cheap throw away metal. The 90mm empty casing is roughly 2 feet long. The M551 Sheridan tank in Vietnam fired caseless 152mm main gun shells; no empties ejected from the gun. Today's M1 Abrams MBT (Main Battle Tank) ejects no shell casing; only a back cap ejects from it's 120mm smooth breech. The M1's main gun is almost like the old Sheridan's gun.

Is china stronger than the us?

Depends on how you look at it China is while a very powerful country they haven't been battle tested in decades so that could hurt them, also you must think about the economic factors the US has lots of economic clout and can easily pick up the slack that China would leave if they went to war, China on the other hand is mainly a textiles, plastics, small products maunfacturing lord but when it came to heavy machinery and vehicles and weapons the US beats them there, so if the Chinese sell the US Bonds they own, the United States probably wouldn't pay it anyway so this wouldn't affect them and might help actually, so military size while China wins here, don't know how much it would matte considering the US would probably restart the draft in a scenario like this boosting their own numbers well above 20,000,000+, so this is a non-factor. Military Technology, US Wins, Cyber technology I'd give China the edge. So if push came to shove I see the US coming out on top based on they have when they want much more influence and power than China does even though China is very powerful, China would be in conflict with not only the US but many NATO countries also who would love to get a shot in at China, and with Russia being in worse economic and military straights than any other major country, they would either get involved then lose quickly or not get involved.

How do you load a civil war cannon?

The most common Civil War cannon was the 12 pound smoothbore Napoleon. There were also some rifled guns, and a few breechloaders. If the gun has already been fired in the last few minutes the first step is to swab out the barrel. This was done with a spongesatff - a long pole with a sponge attached to one end. The sponge was dipped in a bucket of water to wet it, and run down the barrel all the way. This was to extinguish any sparks or flaming remnants of the previous load still in the barrel, which might cause the next load to explode when it was being inserted in the gun. A limber was a complete rig - the gun on two wheels and the ammunition chest on two wheels, the gun being hooked to the chest when it was pulled by the horses. A powder charge would be taken from the chest and placed into the muzzle of the gun. Then the rammer - the gun crew member with that title, would take the rammer - the tool with that name, another long pole with a flared end almost the diameter of the bore of the gun and push the powder charge all the way down the barrel, seating it firmly and compressing it slightly. The powder charges were pre-weighed and wrapped in paper. A typical powder charge for the 12 pound Napoleon was two pounds of black powder. This was a different consistency from rifle powder, usually more coarse. Then the correct type of ammunition would be removed from the chest - round shot (cannon balls), spherical case shot or shells (hollow cannon balls packed with powder, with a wooden fuse screwed into a hole in the shell), or canister (like a big can, packed with 48 one inch iron balls, like a huge shotgun load). These were the most common types of ammunition used by armies in field guns. This too would be placed in the muzzle, and the rammer would shove that down the barrel and seat it firmly in front of and against the paper-wrapped powder charge. The gun captain would take a small capital-T shaped tool, called a prick, the crossbar of the T being a wooden handle, and the up-and-down part of the T being a wire, and poke this through the touchole vent of the gun to poke a hole in the paper wrapped around the powder charge. Then a friction primer would be inserted in the vent, with a cord attached to the outside end. The aim was checked, the cord attached to the primer pulled which caused the primer to ignite, detonating the powder charge and discharging the round. There was no recoil-absorbing mechanism on Napoleons so the gun would roll back a few feet when fired. The gun then had to be pushed back "into battery" (proper position) by hand by the gun crew. Then the process was repeated. In a full gun crew for a Napoleon there were fourteen men, and each had a prescribed role to play in loading the gun. A well-drilled crew could get off several shots per minute.

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