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As a result of WW2, Japan lost everything they had gained prior to the US entering the war and were back to the original Japanese islands.

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Q: Did Japan gain or lose land as a result to WW2?
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What land did Germany gain as a result of world war 1?

It didn't gain any land. It did lose a lot of land, though.

Did china lose or gain land as a result of the war?

As no actual war is specified, the question is unanswerable.

What land battles occurred in Japan during World War 2?

None. The whole point of dropping the A-bomb was to avoid the lose of life that would result from an invasion of Japan itself.

When did japan gain control of SE Asia?

By February 15, 1942, Japan had reached the height of its conquest of SE Asia. That day was the day they took over Singapore. After that, they began to lose their land back.

Did Spain gain or lose land?

It depends on the war.

Did the us gain or lose land over The Louisiana Purchase?

the us gained land

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Did japan gain territory or lose territory after the attack of Pearl Harbor on December 7 1942?

japan lost territories

What land did Germany lose as a result of ww1?


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What did Japanese lose-gain during the world war 2?

Japan won the battles, but lost the war (A-bomb).

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