Did U.S win the cold war?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Yes and no, we amricans were afraid of the giant Russian submarine K-141, which held many nuclear bombs, was said to be off the coasts of California, but we did not drop out because that would make us look weak.

The Russians were utterly afraid of our F-117 Nighthawk stealth strike aircraft, which could go through enemy radar, without being detected, and attack them, dropping nuclear bombs on major bases and plants. Making them drop out.

Yes and no. We Americans were afraid of the Russian submarines, the largest in the world, which held many small nuclear bombs, but, we did not drop out because we could not show we were afraid of any such thing. It was the Russians that dropped out because of our b-117 stealth bomber.

It is generally agreed that the US side of the Cold War won, as Communism crumbled. The USSR has ceased to exist as a global power. Russia and the independent countries are now fragmented.

Don't take my word on this but the cold war was not really a war it was just a battle of ideology (capitalism and communism) in which both were afraid of each others ideology and developed a paranoia of each other. Although in just after ww2 both US and USSR were both trying the get the ideology favoured with other countries and would help in anyway possible to stop the others ideology from taking over. I don't even think America and Russia ever actually fought each other

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in a way yes because they had the first men on the moon while Russia had the first live creature in space so it was kind of a tie.

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Q: Did U.S win the cold war?
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