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During the American Civil War, both the north and the south possessed manufacturing factories that could have been classified as "power mills". However, the North had a substantial amount more, and would become the major manufacturing center of the country.

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Yes the Confederacy did have power mills during the Civil War.

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Q: Did north and south both have power mills during the civil war?
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Who had the most power during civil war?

The north. The north had more factories to make weapons. The north also won the Civil War.

Did north have power mills in 1861?

Yes, steam and water power

Did the North have power mills in 1861?

Yes, steam and water power

What was an effect of the rapid growth of mills in the North in the 1800s?

the availability of water power.

What part of the US were most mills located?

Mills were mainly located in the North due to the fact that the mills needed a flowing water source to be powered. There were many streams and rivers, which could power mills, in the North. Another reason why mills were mainly in the North was because the South was all about agriculture and didn't want to waste money on mills when they could buy slaves for labor in the fields.

Who was in power in the north prior to the civil war?


How did the north use sea power during civil war?

They used the Monitor in Monitor vs Merrimack. They used boats to transport the soldiers to the Peninsular Campaign,

In the civil war who had more man power north or south?

The North was better equipped with more men.

Which provided the first source of power for factory machines during the induatrial revolution?

The initial source of power was water, that was used to turn mills.

What despotic European power was a strong supporter of the Union during the Civil War?

Russia supported the Union during the US Civil War.

What can wind mill power?

Wind mills have traditionally been used to power grain mills, saw mills, and small manufacturing mills. A wind mill can also be used as a wind turbine, to generate electricity.

What is the Power of the purse during colonial north America?

The power to withhold money from a group.