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Ho Chi Minh was at power in North Vietnam during Vietnam War and he was a Communist.

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ho chi minh

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Q: Who was in charge of North Vietnam during the War?
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Who claimed north Vietnam in the war?

North Vietnam was a communist nation during the Viet War. They defeated (conquered) the Republic of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War (April 1975).

What part of Vietnam was communist during the Vietnam war?


Who was North Vietnam's general during the Vietnam war?


What was the goals of Russia and china during the Vietnam war?

For North Vietnam to win the war; which they did.

What was the pink area on the Vietnam map during the war?

north vietnam

During the Vietnam war what type of government did north Vietnam have?


Who is the general of the north Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

Giap was the most known.

Was the us fighting with north or south Vietnam during the war?


Capitol of north Vietnam during the war?


Who was General of the north during the Vietnam war?


Who was the Prime Minister of North Vietnam from 1946-1969 and led North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.?

Ho Chi Minhi

Why Vietnam won the war but lost the peace?

Vietnam won the French war. North Vietnam won the American Vietnam War. There was no such country named "Vietnam" during the American Vietnam War 1955-1975. There were two nations: North VN & South VN.