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No, the Soviet Union did not target the Jews. It was the Nazis that murdered about 6 million Jews ...

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Q: Did the Russians kill more Jews than the Germans in WW II?
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How did Hitler use the Jews to create more of a national feeling among non-Jewish Germans?

By conjuring up a "common enemy;" an "enemy" against which Germany's efforts would "profitably" be devoted. This despite the fact that the Jews were not combatants.

Why do you think Hitler had German children join Nazi organizations?

Hitler and other leading Nazis quite intentionally established Nazi organizations for young Germans as well as adults for the sake of solidifying their rule in the present and in the future. By training German children in Nazi values, doctrines, and practices, the Nazis knowingly laid the groundwork for a more loyal and obedient next-generation of Germans who would preserve (and perhaps even expand) the accomplishments of Hitler and the present generation of Germans.

What was the turning point in the war between russia and Germany?

When the Germans lost in the battle of Stalingrad and the battle of Moscow. These shifted the balance of power to the Russians(Soviets). Though the Germans did have more victories, they never did regain the initiative, though Hitler tried with the offensive at Kursk. That failed so The Soviet Union was the dominant force

Hitler was admired by all Germans?

Many Germans liked him a lot. He did have some opponents, such as the Catholic Church, Jews and minorities. But most people liked him. Many saw him as a ”man of the people”, and Nazi propaganda and rallies impressed many people with how organised and modern they were. Nazis decreased German unemployment, because building up the army created many more jobs, and people liked that a lot because everyone was scared of unemployment, following the 1929 depression. Many people hated Germany’s previous government, the Weimar republic, due to the fact that they had been pretty useless during the depression, so they were desperate for any change, and the Nazi party represented order and discipline for most Germans. Also, Hitler was ignoring the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which was very popular as the treaty was greatly hated throughout Germany. Finally, many Germans held anti-Semitic views during the 1930s, and blamed the Jews for the depression. This meant that Hitler’s anti-Semitic policies were unfortunately appreciated among certain groups in Germany.

Why did the Germans follow Hitler and how did that lead into the Holocaust?

Hitler was a great speaker and had much power in his words. He took advantage of the current situation in Germany (economic crisis), and he used the Jews as his, and the Germans' scapegoat (don't know what the word means, look it up). He gave the Germans more jobs, the Jews jobs (sending Jews to concentration camps), and also focused on "brainwashing" the children by making them believe his "solution" was correct, which was actually very smart. Also, he sent more intelligent people to concentration camps, such as political leaders, professors, and many others, leaving Germany (sort of) vulnerable. The children sometimes ratted out their own parents if (their parents) they were against Hitler. The children thought they were doing the right thing. HOPE THIS HELPS!!

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Who killed more people during World War 2 The Germans The Japanese or the Russians?

The Germans

Why Germans wanted to kill Jews in World War 2?

Hiter wanted to create the perfect aryan(don't think i spelled that right) race. He saw the Jews as being inferrior and had them killed

Do Russians or Germans typically have blonde hair and blue eye appearance?

It depends where the Germans and Russians are from in Germany and Russia. For example, northern Germany tends to have tall, blonde haired and blue eyed Germans, while Bavaria in the south also has many shorter, brown haired and brown eyed Germans.

What was the worlds Jewish population before Hitler came to power?

Approximately eight million more than after the Holocaust. The Russians committed genocide of the Jews as well. ___ Can you tell us when and where the Russians committed genocide against the Jews? It would make your answer more plausible.

Why were Jews gathered in ghettos?

Jews were taken by the Germans because the Germans, more spoken Hitler blamed the war on the Jews

How did the Jews get the weapons needed to rebel the Germans?

smuggling more often than bribery.

Why did the Germans make the Jews live in ghettos?

The Nazis saw Jews as 'unclean' people. They initiated what they called a 'race purge' which we know as the massively genocidal pursuing of the Jews today, but mind you they didn't only kill Jews, actually far from it. Jews might have been the superiority of the 'races' they murdered, but they were also after handicapped, gays, people who didn't possess the sheer physical appearance that Hitler preferred (blond, short hair, blue eyes and fair skin), and gypsies, just to name a few. We only know more about the Jews because they might like bringing it up more than other folks?

Did the Nazis kill more than Jews?


Did the Russians win the battle of moscow?

Yes, the Russians won the Battle Of Moscow. The Germans were not prepared to fight for more than 4 months in the cold. Winter froze weapons and tanks. The Russians had an advantage because they were in there own country and were prepared for the harsh winters in Moscow!

Did the Germans beat Jews?

NO!! The Germans actually were killing Jews in concentration camps. The Germans looked below the Jews and thought of them as peasents. They were basically enemies.___Some Germans did help (or try to help) the Jews and in some cases suffered terribly for doing so, for example, Armin T. Wegner and Heinrich Grueber. Both were sent to concentration camps for doing so.

How did the Russians defeat the Germans at stalingrand?

The Russians defeated the Germans with the blessings of Ol' Man Winter and the follies of Adolph Hitler. The Germans were frozen, starving, dying from the cold and lack of food and supplies. At the end of the Stalingrad Battle a bunch of simple grenades did the trick. Many Germans were taken prisoner as they surrendered in defeat. Adolph Hitler can be blamed for the demise of the German forces failing. He refused to let them quit and he would not send more supplies.

Did more Jews or Germans die in World War 2?

The question seems rather odd, as the war was not fought between Germans and Jews ... However, the number of Germans who were killed in World War 2 is estimated at about 7.2 million, and the number of Jews killed at about 6 million. However, I really do not see the relevance of the comparison.