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No, the US was committed to not losing, which was entirely different then winning. It was never an attempt at winning a war, just deny the North a victory and prop up the South.

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Q: Did the US Government commit themselves to winning the Vietnam war?
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How long would the Vietnam war last if there was no us protesting?

If the USA was not a democracy and the administration did not have to worry about the lives of the voters sons and daughters they would keep it going indefinitely, However they may also commit so many troops that they would gain control. but you cant control a people that is committed to freeing themselves from an invader.

Why did some Japanese soligers in WW2 commit suicide?

It is because during this time, the Japanese government was using propaganda that surrendering is dishonorable to one's country...and other factors like tradition and the cult idea of emperor being a in saying if u surrender, it means you betraying your god...also the government taught civilians that the enemy (Americans) were sadistic barbarians who will do torture and rape and such...incidents with civilians killing themselves by jumping over cliffs and some important Japanese military personal killed themselves too...this is because of setbacks like Midway...

What made the US get involved with the Vietnam war?

The US became involved in Vietnam when asked by the legitimate government of South Vietnam to aid in fighting the insidious attempts at its takeover by armed communist forces. Coming in the midst of the Cold War with the Russians (who supported the North), it was initially seen as a struggle to avoid communist expansion in Asia. The war was not lost, but neither was it won. After the Paris Peace Accords of 1973, the US unilaterally withdrew its forces under the policy called "Vietnamization". The struggle failed because the US government failed to commit resources for a war, but instead tried to fight the communists in a "police action". Eventually the level of military casualties, various anti-war movements, and unfavorable media coverage made the war unpopular. Those who saw communism as a legitimate political movement (rather than as dictators and terrorists) eventually succeeded in preventing the continuation of the American efforts in Vietnam.

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